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As Pokemon Go continues to grow in popularity and reach, people have begun to make parodies of the game based on other popular TV shows, sort of like Animal Planet's Too Cute. In the video clips the Pokemon are shown as younglings being too cute after they hatch.

The video is just under two minutes long and is posted up over on the YouTube channel Fun Time. It doesn't waste any time getting right into it, capitalizing on the popularity of Pokemon Go at the moment while fusing it in with Animal Planet's Too Cute series in order to create a seemingly adorable parody.

The video starts with a look at a family of Bulbasaurs. The three of them have just recently hatched and they're only barely learning how to walk... actually, they're barely learning how to crawl. The trio of Pokemon fumble around on the floor while one of them attempts to make a slow getaway around the kitchen corner leading into the hallway.

The camera pans and zooms across the Bulbasaurs, showcasing their pudgy legs and little feet as the commentator explains that they're trying to master their own movement after so recently hatching.

The video proceeds to another popular Pokemon in both Pokemon Go and the rest of the brand's connected universe, Squirtle. The family of Squirtles are several weeks old and they've already managed to start taking small baby steps. Their design has been modified so that they have super large eyes and rosy cheeks. Much like Bulbasaur they have stumpy little arms and legs and are struggling to walk across the floor.

We then see one of the Squirtles attempting to climb up onto a table, struggling to reach the top while its legs and tail dangle in the air. A quick montage shows off some of the other Squirtles in a fish tank and being flushed down a toilet.

The clip ends when the narrator says that they're going to go check in on the Charmander family, only for the screen to fade into a burning house that's engulfed in flames with a fiery red background to match.

The video doesn't introduce anything new to the Pokemon Go playing experience, but people who are fans of the Animal Planet TV show will likely appreciate the work put into the project.

At the moment, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular apps circulating the mobile app space at the moment, with kids, teenagers and adults alike venturing around to capture Pokemon and meet new people along the way.

What's more is that the app has become so popular that it's even managed to boost porn searches for Pokemon and anime on places like xHamster, which is pretty crazy.

Niantic Labs and Nintendo aren't letting this opportunity pass them by, however, and they're working with partners to create sponsored PokeStops in connection with major chains, which is going to be announced soon.

If you're not too concerned with all of the hoopla over Pokemon Go, maybe you can at least appreciate the Too Cute tribute that was put together on YouTube.

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