How Pokemon Go Got One Guy Caught Cheating On His Girlfriend

Pokemon Go
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One young man was catching Pokemon when things turned sour in his relationship. Apparently the Pokemon Go app keeps track of the locations where you last caught a Pokemon and one of those locations turned out to be an ex-girlfriend's place... a location his new girlfriend recognized.

Entertainment Weekly did a brief write-up on the story from the New York Post, which described how Pokemon Go player Evan Scribner is claiming that he's now single after his most recent girlfriend checked out the locations on his Pokemon Go app and discovered that one of the Pokemon that he caught was located at his ex-girlfriend's place.

According to Scribner,

She saw that I had caught a Pokémon while at my ex's house, [...] She found out last night at my house and hasn't contacted me since then

She broke things off when she asked him why he was in the Brooklyn area where his ex-girlfriend was located. He explained to the New York Post that he couldn't come up with a good enough reason for why he was in that area. In fact, he had no good reason other than the fact that he was actually there to see and spend time with his ex-girlfriend...and to catch Pokemon.

What Scribner should have said was that was that he was finding a bunch of rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go along that route and that he was collecting a bunch of items along the way. Also, he should have covered his tracks by going one borough over and catching one or two Pokemon there. The excuse of following a trail of Pokemon into his ex-girlfriend's district could have then been justified.

Additionally, he should have sent a text to a friend on his way to his ex-girlfriend's house, letting the friend know that he's catching rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This way when the girlfriend questions the legitimacy of his claim, he would have the text to back it up that he was just playing the game. It would have covered his tracks while he got his business on with his ex. His girlfriend could have even messaged the friend to ask if it was true and Scribner would have had backup from his buddy to confirm it.

Also, he should have picked her up a gift while he was out... he could have said that while he was out catching Pokemon he couldn't stop thinking about her so he got her a gift. This would have helped reinforce the story, win him some brownie points and divert attention away from the very obvious fact that he was schnoozing with his ex.

The main problem is that Scribner got lazy and he got caught. The one thing you always do before following through with a cheat, is make sure you have a full proof multi-step alibi... even if it's all a lie.

I'm sure the next time Scribner decides to cheat he will avoid using Pokemon Go to catch Pokemon near the place where he's about to do the dirty deed

Pokemon Go is available right now nationwide across the United States and in the Oceania region.

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