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For any of you gamers out there who have had a rough week, I've got three words that will brighten your day: Super. Mario. Hamsters. Yes, it's an adorable hamster playing on a custom-built Super Mario-themed toy, and it's pretty adorable.

If there's one thing the internet is good for, well, it's seeing people being horrible to one another. But if there's a second thing the internet is good for, it's providing precious videos that help cancel out that first thing. And that's exactly what we've stumbled upon here, where one Twitter user has posted a short clip of a pudgy hamster trying their hand (paws?) at Super Mario Bros.

I assume I'm not the only one who thought that little guy was actually going to figure out how to put on the Mario hat in the beginning, right? That's probably the only thing that would have made this video more adorable.

What we have here is a video of Yutako the hamster, and the name is about the only thing I'm able to translate. So much for two years' worth of classes!

Anyway, after chucking Mario's hat, Yutako plays with some blocks before deciding to investigate a Mario Bros. warp pipe. Yutako is a bit on the pudgy side, so seeing the lil' fella cram into the pipe is a perfect way to begin the weekend.

Exiting the pipe, Yutako heads across a dangerous jump before reaching the ultimate goal, the castle. The best part is that this castle is where the creator has set up an adorable little bed for Yutako, where they seem quite content to just chill for a while. If you like hamsters, Mario Bros. and aren't a cold-hearted monster, it's good for an "Aaaaaw" or two.

If you scroll down Yutako's page, you'll see that his owner is in the process of building a very complex vertical maze for the critter. We're not sure if this will eventually take on a video game theme too, but it's certainly entertaining to watch Yutako figure it out all the same.


But now that's got us thinking, what other game-themed playsets would we like to see a hamster explore. Right off the top of my head, I'd love to see Yutako venture into the world of Silent Hill. Something about a chubster hamster crawling over scenery pulled from a horror game delights me in ways I can't properly express. Also, the more I think about it, the more I realize that big maze Yutako is climbing on would be perfect for a Metroid or Castlevania skin.

Anyway, your ideas are appreciated in the comments section below.

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