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Mass Effect fans have only one question on their minds: When is Mass Effect Andromeda going to launch? Well, based on some recent buzz going around the internet, we might be finding out in checks watch just a couple of hours.

This is just a rumor at this time but, last night, something happened on social media that has gotten Mass Effect fans buzzing. In the span of seven words, Mass Effect Andromeda and Mass Effect Trilogy Producer Michael Gamble has gotten people thinking that there may be more to Sony's upcoming press event than meets the eye.

So just yesterday, Gamble brought up the fact that today is Sept. 7. He offered absolutely no explanation beyond that other than the fact that it's apparently worth getting excited about in his neck of the woods.

In case you haven't been following the console news, today is the day that Sony is hosting their blowout event in New York, primarily focused on upcoming hardware. Up to this point, Sony has remained pretty quiet about today's event, but we can pretty safely bet on the PlayStaiton Neo being a huge focus, followed by details on the PlayStation VR (launching in about a month) and maybe even the all-but-confirmed PlayStation 4 slim model and a new controller.

Honestly, with all of that hardware to discuss, and we're guessing loads of stats and figures to make tech junkies drool, we weren't really expecting anything else out of today's show.

But Gamble's tweet has gotten us thinking that this might wind up being sort of a reverse convention showing. At shows like E3 and Tokyo Game Show, Sony usually spares a little time to talk hardware while putting the main focus on games, games and more games.

For a special event like the one Sony is hosting today, though, it makes sense that they would reserve the bulk of the show for console talk. But for folks who are more interested in what games they'll be playing on that console, wouldn't this also be a great time to make some key announcements in that area, too?

In short, Gamble is a very busy guy trying to wrangle Mass Effect Trilogy and Mass Effect Andromeda, and he's probably privy to any and all details pertaining to Sony's upcoming hardware. So why, oh why, would he be excited for today? To us, it makes the most sense that he and his crew are gearing up for a potential Andromeda reveal, which is pretty exciting for many reasons. For starters, yay for any and all information related to Andromeda. Secondly, it's unlikely that only a single developer/game will be brought in on the fun, so what else might we expect from the gaming side of things once the Sony show kicks off?

Thankfully, we'll have all of the answers and far more before the sun even sets. Stay tuned for additional information on Sony's big event as it becomes available.

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