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Final Fantasy XV is set to launch later this month and, when it does, the game will come packed with a whopping 15 different pieces of pre-order content for players to enjoy. But with that many promotions tied to a single game, you might have some trouble deciding where, exactly, you want to pre-order from.

Obviously playing off of the fact that this is the 15th game in the numbered Final Fantasy franchise, Square Enix has decided to make 15 different pieces of content available depending on where you reserve your copy of FFXV. To help make your purchasing decision a little easier, the folks at Siliconera have pulled together trailers and details pertaining to each piece of content. We imagine that the actual decision will come down to a wall covered in pictures of the DLC with bits of yarn connecting them to various retailers, but your methods may vary.

We've got a lot to get through here so, rather than beat around the chocobo, here's a rundown of what content you can get, what it does, and where you'll need to claim a pre-order to get it. As a final reminder, Final Fantasy XV launches on Nov. 29, so be sure to get in your pre-order soon if you want to claim any of these goodies.

Angler Set

Included for both Sony and Microsoft versions and the Ultimate Edition. This is a tackle box set that will let you go fishing all across the map.

Gourmand Set

Two types of rare cooking ingredients if you order from Amazon, or included in the Ultimate Edition.

Camera Kit

A camera body and lens for pre-orders from Amazon, or included in the Ultimate Edition. It's a camera, so you can use it to take in-game pictures.

Recolor: 16-Bit Buddies

Available for digital pre-orders through the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Marketplace. This bonus gives you an 8-bit piece of art to put on the side of your car.

Recolor: Gold Chocobo

Only available if you order through Amazon, this bonus will let you deck out your car with a theme based on the golden chocobo.

Recolor: Cindymobile

Only for those who pre-order from the Square Enix Online Store in North America. You know that scantily clad mechanic we've seen so much of over the months leading up to the games's launch? Well, this set themes your car after her.

Recolor: Platinum Leviathan

You'll need to have preordered the Deluxe Edition or the Ultimate Edition if you want this skin for your car that makes it look like a metallic snake.

Theme: Big Bang

A special theme for folks who pre-order the game through the PlayStation Network.

Costume Royal Raiment

You'll need to have preordered the Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition if you want to dress Noctis up in some fancy duds.

XboxOne FFXV Avatars

Noctis Costumes and a Carbuncle Pet. Obviously, you'll need to pre-order from XBLM to get this one.

Weapon: Mage Mashers (FFIX)

These are the weapons of Zidane from Final Fantasy IX. You'll need to pre-order from Amazon to claim them.

Weapon: Gae Bolg (FFXIV)

The weapon wielded by the legendary dragoon in Final Fantasy XIV, you'll want to pre-order from Amazon for the Gae Bolg.

Weapon: Masamune (FFXV)

This is the easiest one yet. Pre-order from anywhere to claim a Masamune sword.

Blazefire Saber (FFXIII)

Again only available if you pre-order through Amazon, this weapon is the one used by Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII.

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV

Only for pre-orders at GameStop and EB Games. This is an extra game based on the classic A King's Tale, but re-skinned and reimagined for Final Fantasy XV.

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