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The Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition has turned out to be the surprise hardware hit of the pre-holiday season sales explosion. Leading up to Black Friday, a bunch of people have gone bonkers in trying to get their hands on the new retro device.

Gamespot is reporting that the $60 bundle pack of the NES Classic Edition, which comes with 30 classic NES games tucked inside, is selling out like crazy all over the place. What's more is that the price is now starting to skyrocket for the little micro-console.

In fact, the rarity of the NES Classic Edition at some retailers due to short supply from Nintendo has led to price inflation from resellers on places like Amazon and eBay, with the article noting that prices for the NES Classic Edition now exceed $200 from some resellers and up to $250 from others. Heck, that's the price of an Xbox One or PS4 at some places. This kind of proves that it's not so much about power, but about fun and entertainment. And in some cases it looks as if you can't really put a price on entertainment, even when it doesn't seem like it's not worth the price of entry.

According to Gamespot, however, resupplying retailers has been one of Nintendo's top priorities, and they explained to the gaming outlet that more units are coming soon to replenish store shelves and have SKUs primed and ready for the even bigger sales rush during Black Friday, with a representative from the company stating...

The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition system is a hot item, and we are working hard to keep up with consumer demand, [...] There will be a steady flow of additional systems through the holiday shopping season and into the new year. Please contact your local retailers to check product availability.

Nintendo must be both fuming and filled with glee: Filled with glee because the NES Classic Edition is selling like crazy and they're making good bank on this move; fuming because they probably wish the Wii U was selling the way the NES Classic Edition is selling.

NES Classic Edition

Part of the problem with the Wii U, however, is pricing. They never did a proper price-cut on the system, and never once tried to get it competitively priced against the PS4 or Xbox One. It was a tough sell for a lot of people, especially compared to the very affordable Wii, which made for a great companion system for a lot of people.

If the Wii U's price dropped down to like $199.99 they would probably burst barns trying to get enough stock supplied to retailers.

According to some users, places like GameStop and Amazon were sold out in a matter of minutes and seconds. GameStop apparently couldn't keep units in stock, while Amazon was sold out almost before the game console was properly made available. A lot of people blamed this situation on Nintendo for not offering pre-orders and properly gauging consumer feedback to offer proper stock to suppliers. It's probably one of the few times where pre-orders should have been used.

Given the serious sales surge of the NES Classic Edition, I'm willing to bet that Nintendo is hoping for the same outcome when it comes time for the Nintendo Switch to launch in March next year.