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Sony officially announced their Black Friday sale for the PlayStation brand. Now there's something really important about this announcement that will completely change how you view the upcoming sale, and you probably aren't going to like it one bit due to the fact that they announced their Black Friday sale in the weirdest way.

The video above was posted up on the PlayStatoin EU YouTube channel. The video is being downvoted pretty badly for one main reason: Sony only announced that a Black Friday deal was coming but didn't announce what the deal(s) would be.

Essentially, it's like the announcement for the announcement meta culture that has spawned in recent years. Gamers are told that they will be notified about the deals soon and what sort of offers they'll have in the store.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony delayed their Black Friday sales so that they only take place literally on Friday when the November 24th rolls around. Microsoft let their Black Friday sales loose early for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, which got underway on November 18th.

Gamers will have to sign-up to be notified about when the deals will be available on the 24th, and what kind of discounts will be available. They don't give the slightest hint in the video above.

And that brings us to the fan response about the announcement: they hate it.

The reality is that it's not very informative and I have no idea what Sony is really trying to say with the video, other than that I guess they're expecting people to be blown away by the deals. Gamers and viewers of the video were having none of it. They felt as if it was a waste of marketing, given that it revealed nothing, informed them about nothing and had nothing of value that they could use in making informed purchases for discounted PlayStation products.

What we do know is that the deals will be available for Americans and Europeans as part of the Black Friday extravaganza. What we don't know is what's going to be included in those deals. Most Black Friday deals have already announced a lot of bundles containing Uncharted 4, so it's likely a safe bet that Sony will also have discounts either on Uncharted 4 for the PS4 or the entire Uncharted series for PS3, PS4 and the PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation exclusives might be (or at least should be) discounted as well, including stuff like Beyond: Two Souls and the God of War series. If Sony was kind we would see deep discounts on games like The Order 1886 and Bloodborne, since both games are quite old now in the world of gaming.

Since the discounts are designed for the PlayStation Store, I'm guessing we can count out any steep price slashes on hardware... but then again maybe they'll have some cross-promotional deals with distributors so gamers can get their hands on controllers and charging packs at significantly lower prices. One can hope.

Anyway, expect more details to emerge for the PlayStation Black Friday sale leading up to November 24th.

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