These days, more and more video games are making their way to the tabletop. From DOOM and BioShock to Bloodborne and Gears of War, designers of physical games are finding their inspiration in the digital world. What's great is that, unlike most movies based on video games, these tabletop offerings have turned out really well. In fact, we'd love to see even more of them, so here are our five recommendations for video games that would translate well to the tabletop.

The Legend of Zelda

Yes, there is already a board game based on The Legend of Zelda, but it came out like 25 years ago and tabletop games have come a long way since then. Since Nintendo is branching out with more movies, television shows and even theme parks these days, we'd like to see them throw their hat into the tabletop arena, too. We're thinking this would work best as a "team versus the board" sort of offering, giving players the chance to explore dungeons in Hyrule, fight baddies, open up plenty of treasure chests and eventually free the kingdom from the rule of Ganon. Games like Shadows Over Camelot or even Elder Sign come to mind, encouraging players to work together in order to face an ever-changing landscape of challenges. Throw in some rad miniatures and those bright colors Zelda is known for and this could become a family-friendly hit.

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