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Guardians of the Galaxy

It looks like Marvel is going full-tilt into the video games business, partnering with publishers and developers to come out with titles about as fast as they're making movies. We learned today that one popular Marvel property is actually in line to receive not one, but two games in short order.

According to the folks at Kotaku, sources working with Eidos Montreal have confirmed that the studio is working on a new game in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. That's great news for fans of the motley crew, as that makes two game announcements for the property in the past couple of months.

Just as 2016 was was drawing to a close, the team at Telltale announced that they were working on a Guardians of the Galaxy series to launch around the time of the new movie that's due out later this year. Telltale doesn't really make bad games these days, so we're excited to see what they can bring to the universe of Guardians.

But that won't be the only virtual adventure for Starlord and his pals. As mentioned above, Eidos appear to be working on another game set in the same universe, obviously, one of the many projects Square Enix is backing within the Marvel universe. A new Avengers game was announced just a week ago with Square Enix explaining they had partnered with Marvel for multiple game projects. Assuming everything is on the up-and-up here, that would make Eidos' Guardians game part of that umbrella.

"But Ryan, what about Deus Ex, the series Eidos Montreal was most recently working on? Aren't they going to finish that trilogy?"

Well, sadly, the answer seems to be "not at this time." As we recently reported, Square Enix has decided to shelve the Deus Ex series for the time being. Even though it was well received by critics and fans alike, the game didn't exactly sell like mad. Square Enix is clearly concerned with that bottom line, as partnering with Marvel could mean games that basically print money. This is, of course, assuming said games catch hold anything like the movie lineup. Still, we're kind of bummed to see Deus Ex get put on hold, particularly because Mankind Divided left us with more questions than answers at its conclusion.

"But Ryan," I hear you interrupting once again. "What about the next Tomb Raider game?" Well, apparently that's on the way, too, going by the name Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It's not super uncommon for bigger studios to work on a couple of games at once.

So there you have it. We haven't seen an official trailer or announcement yet, but we figure it's only a matter of time. Get ready for more Groot.

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