How To Get Free Super Mario Run Coins

Super Mario Run
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Nintendo's Super Mario Run is still going strong, and Nintendo is celebrating the continued success of the game by rewarding people for another recent mobile release. I know it seems crazy, but anyone who wants to get in on the goodies can do so right now.

According to Game Informer, you can get 2,222 coins for free in Super Mario Run even if you only have the trial version of the game. How do you get the coins? Simply log into the game right now and you'll have more than 2,000 coins added to your account. It's really just that easy and that simple!

So why the free coins? Well, as the reports note, Fire Emblem Heroes launched on February 2nd, and considering that numerically that breaks down to 2/2, Nintendo decided to have a little fun with the number by rewarding gamers who play Super Mario Run with free coins.

The crazy part about it is that the rewards are going out for Super Mario Run players even if they don't play Fire Emblem Heroes. The latter has its fair share popularity on mobile devices, though, so much so that a lot of players are having trouble getting into the game due to the servers being overrun with players.

The communication error that Fire Emblem Heroes is suffering from is likely just a temporary problem as Nintendo irons out, the servers and makes sure that everything is running nice and neat for the game. They had the exact same problem early on with Pokemon Go, where the game was so popular that a lot of people just couldn't seem to get online and play the title without getting disconnected.

They managed to avoid the whole disconnection issues and servers being overloaded in Super Mario Run due to the fact that a large portion of the game is centered around single-player content. That's not to mention that getting the game's trial version makes it very easy to boot it up and start playing without getting bogged down in all the online networking hassles. In order to access the full game and some of the online competitive modes you'll have to pony up $10. While that may seem high for a mobile game, Nintendo has managed to clean up with some strong revenue from the mobile title.

The game itself is a complete deviation from the typical Super Mario game, where players race through stages, dodging baddies, hopping on platforms and defeating bosses. Instead, the game plays itself and the only thing that players have to do is tap the jump button. In fact, Super Mario Run has been advertised as being a game that you can play with just one hand, as demonstrated on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Some analysts and shareholders were angry with Nintendo, causing the stock to drop because they were hoping that the game would be free-to-play and laced with microtransactions from top to bottom. Nintendo, however, has a completely opposite philosophy on game design, focusing on bringing people together with fun and innovative gameplay, hence why they avoided a cash shop and allow people to buySuper Mario Run for a fixed price.

With the free coin giveaway in celebration of Fire Emblem Heroes' launch, they seem to want to give people a couple thousand extra reasons to pick up a digital copy of Super Mario Run.

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