Overwatch characters

One of the big talks around the gaming community for Overwatch is about the upcoming new hero that Blizzard will be adding to the game. We don't know who the hero is or what their abilities will be, but according to some recent discussions, Overwatch's next hero probably isn't Doomfist.

According to Gamespot, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan hopped into the forums and let everyone know exactly where they stood with the 24th hero to be introduced into the game, simply stating...

24 is not who you think it is.

Well that doesn't sound very nice... not for the people who have been campaigning, begging and hoping for Doomfist.

It's pretty obvious Kaplan is referring to Doomfist given that he's been the one character that a lot of people within the Overwatch community have been talking about almost non-stop for the past couple of months. He's even picked up a lot more media momentum after veteran actor Terry Crews started a social media campaign to get Blizzard to hire him to be the voice of Doomfist. This even resulted in Crews getting to visit the Blizzard Entertainment studios for some unexplained reason, although many hoped it would be for a recording session for the character of Doomfist.

Shortly after Crews' visit to Blizzard, The Rock chimed in with his support for Crews to become Doomfist in Overwatch. It seemed like some sort of surreal lobbying to will this character into reality.

However, with Kaplan saying that the next character isn't who we think it is, it means that it's going to be someone who is obviously not Doomfist. The obvious and most logical question that comes next is: who is it?

The likelihood is that whoever the new character happens to be is someone who has been in development for many months already, which was the case with Sombra and Ana. It takes a long time to implement a new character due to balancing, play-testing, tweaking and bug-fixing. So, if they just started work on Doomfist, don't expect to see him until sometime later in the spring.

In fact, Gamespot notes in the article that people shouldn't give up hope on Doomfist and that he's likely still in the cards to arrive, just not anytime soon.

As for who the new character could be? Well, it could be anybody. In fact, Kaplan could be pulling everyone's leg and maybe the new character really is Doomfist.

The thing is, Blizzard plays it really close to their chest when it comes to new characters, maps and features for Overwatch. The real challenge will be integrating a new character that will be cool enough to distract fans from their disappointment of having to wait a lot longer in order to get their hands on Doomfist.

If the character has some range and depth, like Sombra, then it could definitely work in the community's favor as they spend weeks or months learning to master them. That's exactly what happened with the fiery hacker, where people thought she wasn't a formidable character, but, in reality, it just took time to learn how to get good while playing her. Besides, if you're going to be waiting for Doomfist to arrive in Overwatch, you'll need to bide your time learning other characters or mastering new techniques while you wait.

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