Nintendo Has Been Called Out On Their Cow Milking Skills

1-2-Switch Cow Milking
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The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular devices to launch in recent times. No one can keep the darn thing in stock in Japan or in North America. One of the most popular mini-games available in the launch title 1-2-Switch happens to be about milking cows, and one dairy farm called Nintendo out for the cow milking skills.

The Billings Farm & Museum in Woodstock, Vermont issued a challenge to the gamers at Nintendo of America to challenge them in a game of cow-milking in 1-2-Switch. The challenge is set to take place at the Billings Farm on March 29th later this week on Wednesday at 10am in the morning. There will be spaces available for the media to record the event, and the whole thing will determine if real dairy farmers can out-milk gamers in the cow-milking mini-game on 1-2-Switch.

The challenge of seeing if a real dairy farmer can perform better in 1-2-Switch than some hardcore Nintendo gamers should be a real sight to see.

The reason for the challenge coming about is because the Nintendo Switch has become extremely popular, and the game 1-2-Switch has one of the more talked about mini-games tucked inside where the object is to use the left and right Joy-Con to milk a cow. This takes place using the game's advanced HD rumble feature that makes it seem as if they're actually milking a cow.

Quite naturally, it's like the Guitar Hero phenomenon all over again, where people who got good at the game thought maybe they could battle real guitarists. Oh boy were they wrong. Playing a real guitar is nothing like the plastic toys featured in the Guitar Hero game.

It's easy to see how some people are now comparing the real life act of milking a cow with the act of milking virtual udders in 1-2-Switch.

Nintendo put a lot of time and effort into the Joy-Con controllers, allowing for them to be disconnected from the base and used individually or as a single controller. They also support the ability to slap on Amiibo through the NFC reader, and use the IR pointer for certain motion oriented activities in various mini-games in 1-2-Switch as well.

Nintendo did run into a bit of a problem with the left Joy-Con controller when it would regularly disconnect and desynchronize from the Nintendo Switch home console, but they quickly investigated the problem and found that it was a misconfiguration at the manufacturing plant where the Joy-Con controllers were being assembled that caused them to desynch.

Now that the controllers are back up and working properly, and the Nintendo Switch continues to regularly sell out, Nintendo has now moved on to working on keeping the system in the limelight, and it looks like the Billings Farm & Museum wants to help get in on the action. You can look for the showdown in 1-2-Switch to get underway later this week on March 29th. You can learn more about the event by visiting the official Billings Farm website.

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