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Lego Worlds Still Hasn't Fixed A Game-Breaking Bug

A Lego Worlds landscape

It seems like recent Lego games have a real issue with save files. The most recent culprit is Lego Worlds, which has reportedly had an issue with wiping player progress for the past two months.

For a gamer, there are few phrases more terrifying than "corrupted data." Unfortunately, folks playing Lego Worlds have been dealing with exactly that issue since the game officially launched a couple of months back. Launching for consoles in early March, folks who started playing Lego Worlds nice and early on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometimes came across an issue where their game save was basically borked. While the developers at Traveller's Tales seem to have fixed the issue on the PlayStation 4, Kotaku is reporting that the problem persists on the Xbox One.

The original report points to a thread in the Lego Worlds sub-reddit, where a player announced they had suffered from the corrupted save issue twice on the Xbox One. After the first incident, they had to completely wipe the game from their account and download it a second time in order to play. Deep into their second run, however, it happened again.

Apparently, the evidence that this is a widespread issue is pretty staggering. If you jump onto Twitter and check out the post from the game's official feed, each one is accompanied by players on the Xbox One who are none too happy with the game. For their part, the developers state that they are hard at work on a fix, but two months is an awful long time for players to have to deal with a bug that can literally ruin their entire game.

This is unfortunately reminiscent of an issue with Lego Dimensions from last year. While reviewing that game's Ghostbusters content, I experienced a crash during the final fight of the campaign mode. When I rebooted the game, almost all of my progress from more than a year's worth of playing the game had been deleted. It was pretty crushing.

In a way, I feel more worried about folks playing Lego Worlds, though. Losing progress, high scores and the like in Lego Dimensions was a bummer, but at least I hadn't spent dozens of hours building structures that, in the end, were wiped from existence. For those unfamiliar with Lego Worlds, it's basically what you would get if Minecraft was built out of interconnecting blocks. There's all kinds of extra features like rad vehicles, missions and the like, but players are still dropped into randomly generated worlds and given the option to go adventuring; exploring or building whatever they can think of.

Until the issue is resolved, we'd recommend players on Xbox One just hold off on playing for a bit.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.