Over the years the horror genre has seen a resurgence in creativity and originality. While there have been a lot of copycat clones in the indie space, there have also been some really cool and really notable titles to come out from unlikely studios and AAA outfits alike.

This article will highlight the best scary games to come out in recent years for various platforms and from various studios all across the spectrum. Strap in and get ready as we take a look at The 11 Best Scary Games Of The Last 5 Years.

11) The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series

There's no way a list about the best games released within the last five years could be made without including the game that nearly single-handedly brought the point-and-click horror genre into mainstream. I'm talking about none other than Telltale's The Walking Dead. The game was a gripping, thrilling, no-punches-pulled horror affair starring a cast of sympathetic and desperate characters in a tension-ridden tale that spanned five heart-pounding episodes which left you with a tight knot in your throat after the finale. The scary part about the first season was that you had no idea who was going to live or die based on your decisions, and nearly every decision seemed to hinge on life and death choices.

10) Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut

This may easily be the most ridiculous game on the list given it's B-movie flair and over-the-top acting, but Deadly Premonition managed to find a warm place in the hearts of many gamers due to being so bad that they consider it to be good. The convoluted plot unfolds like many other mystery-horror tales, including some moments where the main character, FBI agent York, will have to face off against some otherworldly entities. The mix of absurd storytelling, supernatural horrors and an unpredictable plot allowed Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut to just slip onto the list, especially given that the latest iteration of the game popped onto the scene back in 2013, three years after it originally released on the Xbox 360.

9) Outlast 1 & 2

Red Barrels took the gaming industry by storm, twice. They first released Outlast back in 2013 on PC, mixing in narrative-driven gameplay with fail-state possibilities centered around jump-scares and gory gameplay. Red Barrels upped the ante in 2017 with Outlast 2 for home consoles and PC, and it was enough to keep gamers on their toes the entire way through. While both titles lack the ability to let you defend yourself or fight back, the horrifying situations and dark thematic elements gained widespread praise for being horror done right. Both games were also made even more terrifying by the fact that they delved into some real life conspiracy theories based on the MK Ultra projects, as outlined on the Wikia page.

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