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Activision and Bungie announcing that Destiny 2 was coming to PC opened up a floodgate of interest from a segment of the gaming community that missed out on the original Destiny when it launched back in 2014. Well, now that the sequel is coming to PC, a lot of gamers are interested in things like FOV, system specs and mouse and keyboard support.

Well, there's some really good news given that you won't need a high-end PC to run Destiny 2 on PC but it certainly helps having one for some of the PC-specific features that Bungie and Vicarious Visions are implementing into Destiny 2. According to PC lead developer on Destiny 2, David Shaw, he explained to PC Gamer that you won't need a super high-end gaming rig to the play the game, saying...

It is 30 on the consoles... And it does play at 60 [on PC] but the framerate is uncapped. It's at 60 on the floor, I think, because I believe that's what g-sync is doing with it---and we think g-sync is fantastic tech, we're working with Nvidia. But if you want to play at 144 [fps] and your rig will handle it, it'll do that just fine.

If you do have the latest and greatest PC hardware it will help out with the overall quality and performance of Destiny 2, though. Shaw explains that those with Nvidia cards will be able to take advantage of the built-in g-sync, meaning that the game will be scaled to play from 30fps to 60fps, and from 60fps to 144fps for those with a PC rig that can handle it.

Unfortunately for console gamers, Destiny 2 will be hard-locked at 30fps. So obviously there won't be cross-platform compatibility.

Given that performance speed and clarity of content in PC games are just as important as the actual field of view, Bungie also made some pretty big tweaks to the upcoming first-person shooter so that it will have a sliding FOV filter, something that a lot of PC gamers comment about, especially when playing on multiple monitors or large screen televisions. In fact, this was a constant issue with PC gamers playing Blizzard's Overwatch, which launched last year, due to its limited range of FOV options.

Shaw didn't break down exactly what the range would be for the field of view in Destiny 2, but they're tweaking it and working out the details so that PC gamers will get the most out of the experience. And speaking of Blizzard and Overwatch... the upcoming Bungie title will actually be accompanying other Blizzard titles through the Blizzard Launcher, which was recently renamed from the client.

Shaw mentioned that they do take input from all available resources, but their sci-fi action-RPG FPS is mainly being worked on internally by the Bungie studios, along with having help with the PC rendition from Vicarious Visions.

They're also taking extra time to tweak the keyboard and mouse controls so that the game feels right at home with PC gamers as far as responsiveness, aiming, and recoil is concerned. We can also likely expect to learn more about Destiny 2 at E3 this year ahead of its launch in September on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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