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Far Cry 5's Cover Art Shows One Seriously Weird Last Supper

Ubisoft released the official cover art for Far Cry 5 ahead of the game's big gameplay reveal on Friday, May 26th. The box art reveals one seriously weird last supper-esque depiction of a religious militia group sitting at a dinner table.

Far Cry 5

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

At the center of the table is a cult leader with a bible in front of him. Beer, apple pie, bread and wine are also on the table. To the left of the image three other militiamen converse while wielding high-powered firearms, including an M4 carbine with a crane stock and a .357 Magnum.

On the right side of Far Cry 5's box art, we have two other militiamen, this time holding a knife in one hand and a chain in the other. A pump-handle shotgun is on the table near the knife. A young girl with flowers in her hand in a white dress sits behind the two men, while another character off-screen has one hand on her shoulder and the other outstretched as if asking for money.

A dog with a painted cross on its face sits at the table -- instead of a collar there's a chain wrapped around its neck, held by the one militiaman with the knife.

While this might not seem too bizarre, things take a rather drastic turn further down the image of the latest Far Cry game, where, beneath a modified version of Old Glory -- with the stars replaced by the cult's militia symbol -- there's a weapon cache on the right side featuring a reflexive bow, more M4 assault rifles, rockets, and ammo crates.

On the left side of the image a shirtless man with his hands bound behind his back with rope sits, hunched over and facing the militia's rendition of Old Glory. On his back he has the word "Sinner" written on it. Bruises and scratches can also be seen across his body.

This fits in line with the teaser trailers Ubisoft released, featuring people running through fields and being hunted down by a crazy religious militia.

According to PSU, they received word that Far Cry 5 will center around a Jim Jones-style cult who has a small compound in Hope County, Montana.

Players will presumably take on the role of someone out to stop the cult and take down their leader. Some of the more wild aspects of the rumors centering around the story of Far Cry 5 is that one of the members of the cult is mirrored after Tom Cruise, and the cult more-so mirrors Scientology.

This wouldn't be the first time that Ubisoft took aim at both Scientology and Tom Cruise. In Watch Dogs 2 there was also a cult called the Church of the New Dawn. In the game a popular actor was reeled into the cult and relied on it to help bolster his career.

Unlike Far Cry Primal, the upcoming game will feature modern day weapons and vehicles. As highlighted in the box art, it appears planes will also be making an appearance in the title this time around. The full gameplay reveal takes place this Friday, May 26th.

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