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Far Cry 5 Might Have Dinosaurs Or Vampires

Ubisoft has sent out another poll to gauge user interest in upcoming features that could make their way into Far Cry 5. The company is coming hot off the successful launch of Far Cry 4, but that doesn't mean they can't pore over ideas for the inevitable sequel.

Eurogamer was tipped off to the poll when a trio of gamers sent the gaming site info about the Ubisoft questionnaire for Far Cry.

Of course, a questionnaire isn't all that special... unless it offers hints about what we could be seeing next from the venerable Far Cry series. Some of the entries on the list will definitely make some gamers excited, as there were things like asking gamers how they would feel about Far Cry taking place in a science fiction setting on a distant planet, or players taking on the role of a character during the Vietnam war in the 1960s. To be honest, I would say “Yes!” emphatically to both those suggestions.

Another suggestion that was polled was being involved with the drug trafficking organizations in Peru. That seems exotic and interesting, but more-so as a Steven Soderbergh film than as a game. Drug trafficking in Peru seems way too similar to Far Cry 3. I would like to hope most people passed on that one.

As mentioned in the Eurogamer article, one of the more interesting questions involved joining or fighting against vampires. Now this definitely has me intrigued. The idea that a mainstream game would take on gameplay concepts that were introduced more than 15 years ago with SoftOn's DarkEden seems like a step in a real interesting direction. However, one of my biggest issues with some vampire-oriented action games is that they don't really do the vampires proper justice. For instance, vampires should only die if you stab them in the heart or cut off their heads. Too often vampires in games are treated like zombies: bullet-sponges.

Speaking of zombies... one of the items on the questionnaire was about Far Cry 5 taking place during a zombie outbreak. I mean, it's not as if we don't already have Dying Light, DayZ, Dead State, Dead Island, H1Z1 or a hundred and one other zombie-action titles on the market or heading to the market. I really hope the zombie one doesn't win out because we already have Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and every other preceding game with zombies to fill an already jam-packed sub-genre.

One of the other items on the list was Blood Dragon 2. I think I speak for most fans when I say that there should be a resounding “Yes!” from the community on that one. However, is Blood Dragon 2 – with all its 80s' flair and distinct aesthetics – more desire-worthy than a Far Cry game that emulates Jurassic Park?

I mean, Far Cry seems absolutely perfect for a dinosaur hunting experience. Lo and behold that item is actually on the list. A Far Cry game that takes place on a remote island filled with dinosaurs. A fake John Williams soundtrack, some jungle-themed jeeps, a little multiplayer co-op action and plenty of giant, vicious, meat-eating dinosaurs to chase down and run from would make that one of the coolest Far Cry games ever. Count me in!

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