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What Is Spider-Man's Story?

Speaking of the story, again, this is a brand new Spider-Man tale. As Intihar explained, the Insomniac game is completely detached from any other Spidey project, be it a comic, game, the recent movies or even the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, which ties directly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But that doesn't mean this is going to be some kind of bizarre spinoff or gritty reboot of the character. All of the footage and screenshots up to this point show Peter Parker donning a familiar take on the red and blue suit, cruising through a brightly lit New York City.

In our own recent chat with Intihar, he confirmed that there will be plenty of places and faces Spider-Man fans will be familiar with in this new game, but Marvel gave the team the freedom to craft a tale untethered to what has come before. In other words, they may put an interesting spin on beloved characters or introduce some antagonists and protagonists of their own creation along the way.

Intihar also stated that the Insomniac team feels the best Spider-Man stories come from the instances when Peter Parker's normal life collides with his life as a crime fighter. He said those types of stories will be a big focus in the upcoming game, referencing the fact that the leader of a new gang of criminals, The Inner Demons, is actually his Aunt May's boss.

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