Insomniac Games Just Revealed A New Underwater Adventure Game

Insomniac Games, creator of famed series like Ratchet And Clank and early Spyro The Dragon, announced today that they have been developing a new and slightly different game than they’ve worked on in the past. It’s an underwater exploration game called Song Of The Deep, and not only does it have more of an Indie feel, but video game retailer GameStop will be publishing it.

Song Of The Deep tells the story of Merryn as she embarks on a dangerous journey in a homemade submarine to save her father in a creatively engaging underwater world. Song Of The Deep will not only let you swim around in a submarine, but will also give players access to free-swimming as they take control of Merryn. You can watch the reveal trailer below.

Song Of The Deep is interesting because while it sometimes feels like an underwater level from Crash Bandicoot (with more creative flair, I think), other times it makes me feel like I could actually enjoy an underwater game for once. Underwater levels in games like Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. have developed a bad reputation for being overly difficult and irritating. But with the upcoming underwater adventure ABZÛ and now Song Of The Deep, underwater worlds don’t look so daunting anymore. Rather, they might come across as peaceful or meaningful.

This will be GameStop’s debut as a video game publisher. It’s honestly amazing that GameStop has even gotten this far into the digital age without sinking under the demand for digital downloads. But with their trade-in program and a direct partnership with Game Informer Magazine, they’ve managed to survive. And with all of this power, as a publisher it will be easy for them to push whatever game they publish in stores. It’s genius, really.

According to IGN, GameStop will have control of Song Of The Deep’s promotion and marketing, but no creative control. And while the game will be available on next-gen platforms, a physical copy of it can only be purchased at GameStop. And there’s the kicker keeping the retailer alive. What’s great about this partnership though is unlike major publishers typically in partnership with a developer, GameStop can’t really tell Insomniac Games how to create their game. So it’s almost like an indie title when you think of it that way. GameStop will just be there to promote it. I’ll be interested to see how it pans out and if GameStop plans on partnering with other game developers in the future.

Song Of The Deep will be available this summer on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.