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The Wild West Online Gameplay Trailer Looks like All Your Cowboy Dreams Come True

612 Games, WWO Partners Limited, and DJ2 Entertainment released the first full gameplay trailer for Wild West Online, the upcoming MMO for PC set during the era of the western frontier. The gameplay footage shows a game that's basically like all your cowboy dreams come true.

The gameplay trailer is just one second shy of six minutes, and it starts by giving gamers a very brief look at the basic character creation, which allows players to choose their skin color and gender, and then enter into the game. The character creation is pretty basic in Wild West Online, with only three unlockable heads, one basic face paint option, and three hair colors.

The developer proceeds to walk gamers through the basic gameplay mechanics, revealing that it's not possible to get lost thanks to a quick key that will show icons on the main screen.

For quests and world building, it's explained that a lot of the lore is handled through newspaper clippings, which are highlighted throughout the world on sign posts. The clippings will contain some of the player actions as well as alert players to certain in-game events.

There are also clothing stores scattered throughout the game world in Wild West Online. Apparently, the interface isn't finished yet because showing off the actual clothing options was passed over.

Nevertheless, we do get to see the character in some new digs, including a bandit mask, sports coat, gloves, jeans and a cowboy hat. It's obviously not as detailed as Red Dead Redemption, but it's about as close as you're going to get on PC.

The saloon in the game will work as the social hub; mini-games such as roulette and poker will be available, and there will also be an option to brawl against other players. It's mentioned that the saloon is also where quests are picked up, giving players a reason to return to the saloon often, sort of like The Farm in Destiny 2.

There's a moral slider in the game as well, not unlike Fable or Elder Scrolls, where if NPCs catch you stealing they will bring down the righteous brimstone of justice around your ears. If you're going to steal, make sure you don't get caught.

Reputation in the game is important because if your reputation gets too low, you'll end up on the most wanted list, and will be hunted down by NPCs or have bounties put on your head that other players can claim, a little bit like Mortal Online.

It's possible to become an interim deputy by going into the sheriff's office, and dragging and dropping bounty posters into your quest log, and then seeking out those players and claiming the bounties on their heads.

The game will also feature crafting, horses, and fast travel between cabin checkpoints you unlock on the map. There are day and night cycles, portable camps, and apparently, it only takes a few shots to kill foes. You can sign-up for the alpha test of Wild West Online by visiting the official website.

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