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NBA PlayGrounds Gets Online Play After A Two Month Wait

NBA Playgrounds
(Image credit: Saber Interactive)

Saber Interactive has released a patch for the Nintendo Switch version of NBA Playgrounds. The patch arrives two months after the developers originally promised the patch for Switch owners. The patch also adds new players to the game in addition to finally enabling online play.

Pasta Padre is reporting that Saber Interactive originally promised that a new patch would be available for the Nintendo Switch version of NBA Playgrounds a few days after the game originally launched and gamers found out that there was no online multiplayer feature, which was advertised as being in the game.

Months went by without the patch as Switch players were stuck with just the local modes and local multiplayer. This created quite the stir amongst Switch gamers who were quite angered that a mode that was promised by the developers did not make it into the game at launch. So what happened?

According to the article, Saber Interactive ran into trouble with getting the patch for NBA Playground certified by Nintendo, which is a huge red flag. The certification and fixing process took a while and thus only just recently did the patch become available, forcing players to go without online multiplayer modes for two whole months. Some argued that this was false advertising on the end of Saber Interactive because the game launched without modes that were advertised to be in the game. Some felt maybe Nintendo's certification process may be to blame, but other developers and indie titles have received timely updates on the Switch without any reported problems.

Some argued that Saber Interactive should have had all the core features fixed and ready for release before actually releasing the game out on the market. It's an issue that has become more prevalent during the newer generations of gaming, especially during seventh gen when the Xbox 360 and PS3 dominated the market with a release-now-patch-later motto being applied by big and small developers alike. This has resulted in games like Mass Effect: Andromeda, Assassin's Creed Unity and the 2006 release of Sonic The Hedgehog becoming notoriously infamous for launching broken and requiring lots of patches and fixes in order to bring the games up to par to what they should have been at release.

In the case of Saber Interactive's NBA Playgrounds, the game's problems at launch on the Nintendo Switch were specifically addressed with the company willing to offer free copies of its upcoming Shaq Fu game for free as compensation.

The developers haven't exactly explained how it will work out the logistics of ensuring that owners of NBA Playgrounds on the Switch will receive a free copy of the new Shaq Fu beat-'em-up, but, apparently, something is being worked ahead of the crowdfunded title's release.

The Switch version of NBA Playgrounds is still behind the Xbox One and PS4 releases in terms of content updates. Saber Interactive released additional teams, and characters to play in the game, but the update is running a little slow in terms of rolling out for the Switch. Hopefully, this doesn't become standard for other third-party games on Nintendo's console that feature online support.

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