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See What It's Like To Play As Deadpool In Marvel Powers United VR

Sanzaru and Oculus Studios' upcoming Marvel Powers United is a first-person, cooperative, action-oriented super hero take on the whole virtual reality experience, and for the first time ever gamers get to see what it's like playing as Deadpool in a VR environment. It's about as crazy as you would expect.

The seven minute gameplay clip was uploaded recently to the UploadVR YouTube channel, offering gamers just under 10 minutes worth of VR gameplay for the upcoming Oculus Rift exclusive.

The video starts with the four characters on the teleports where Lockjaw teleports the Hulk, Rocket, Captain Marvel and Deadpool into a museum.

The loading screen for the game shows the character that the player selected and a few of their abilities. For Deadpool that includes an SMG, a Desert Eagle magnum, shurikens, a teleportation device, and his katanas for up-close and personal melee attacks.

In the actual mission we finally get to see Marvel Powers United in action without quick-cuts or snappy editing to filter away from what the gameplay is like. Surprisingly, it's not a rail-shooter.

You can freely use locomotion to move around and attack enemies. It's a huge step up over the teleportation gimmick that was present in so many other VR titles that came out last year for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

One of the really cool things that we get to see in play for Marvel Powers United is that you can manually take cover at will. We see Deadpool fire off some shots and then quickly use the room-scale to look around, survey the area and then take cover behind a nearby pillar before diving back into the fight.

The 360 movement really adds to the frantic nature of the VR gameplay. All while Deadpool shoots and kills bad guys, he runs his mouth; making quips and snappy remarks while killing the bad guys.

Another interesting thing on display is that Deadpool's teleport special is not instantaneous. He actually moves quickly to the location and doesn't just snap there. It's further proof that the whole teleportation movement system in VR games is slowly being axed out.

Another thing you might notice is that in the first-person mode you can see that the characters actually have arms and hands. The weapons aren't just floating in mid-air like they do in other games like Superhot VR or a bunch of other VR titles currently available on the Rift, Vive or PlayStation VR.

One thing that did interest me is that Deadpool does a lot of surveying the area and looking around, which is rare for a lot of VR titles. I wonder how well that's going to work with the Rift's cables? Oftentimes with the PSVR and Vive there's a lot of constant readjustments to compensate for the cables getting in the way, but it doesn't look like it's a problem for the player here.

It's cool that Sanzaru and Oculus were able to secure the rights to Deadpool, since he's currently under license by Fox. The whole licensing ordeal for Marvel's characters has created chaos for some media, such as the X-Men and Deadpool not appearing in Capcom's Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, but it's cool to see that the merc with the mouth will be fully playable (and in really fun looking ways) in Marvel Powers United VR.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.