A Free Charizard Is Coming To Pokemon Sun And Moon

Pokemon Sun/Moon Free Charizard
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Still playing Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon? Well, ahead of the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Nintendo decided to roll out a free Charizard for gamers to get their hands on for the Nintendo 3DS role-playing games.

Gamespot is reporting that Target is working with Nintendo to offer gamers a free Charizard just for showing up at participating stores. If you show up to a Target store starting on October 1st, you'll be eligible to receive a free gift code for a level 50 Charizard, no other strings attached. You will have to work kind of fast, though, because the promotion will only last for two weeks, between October 1st and October 14th.

According to the article, the Charizard comes with Dragon Dance, Flare Blitz, Fly, and Earthquake. You can retrieve the Charizard by using the code from the main menu by selecting the Mystery Gift option and then putting in the code. The gift will be available at the delivery service desk at the Pokemon Center within Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon.

This is a slight deviation from the free Legendary and Mythical Pokemon that Nintendo have been giving away throughout the last couple of years. Instead the company decided to work with Target to give away an already leveled up Charizard. This will likely attract a lot of newbies who want a powerful Pokemon as they start Pokemon Sun and Moon for the very first time, as well as high-level players who want a high-level Pokemon to add to their already impressive stash.

What's more is that Target isn't the only one giving away a free Pokemon. The article also notes that GameStop will also be giving away a free Marshadow between October 9th and October 23rd. So after you get your free Charizard, you can visit your local GameStop participating in the giveaway and grab a free code so you can get a Mythical Marshadow for free. The Pokemon will automatically be leveled up to 50 and is a Ghost/Fighting type that is already decked out and upgraded.

Now if that's not enough, there's also a special Charizard-GX Premium Collection bundle that comes with a variety of Charizard-themed cards for the Pokemon TCG. If you're into the real-life trading card game and collecting rare cards, the bundle pack will be available starting September 24th at the end of this month.

Technically you could grab the free Charizard, pick up the Charizard-GX Premium Collection, and then round out the fall season in October by getting the free Marshadow before you pick up the new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

One thing is for sure, there's definitely a lot of Pokemon-related material for fans of the brand to engorge on thanks to the gluttony of new content being made available this fall season.

It's probably best to get in as much time as possible with Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon because the Nintendo Switch versions of the full-fledged Pokemon game from Game Freak is due out either in 2018 or 2019. So grab up all the free content and get in as much play-time as you can in while Nintendo is still supporting the current gen of the series.

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