Here's Who Won The Nintendo World Championships

Nintendo World Championships

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This past weekend Nintendo held the 2017 edition of the Nintendo World Championships, bringing back the beloved tournament-style showdown after its absence in 2016. The championship throwdown saw a clear winner being crowned at the event, which was held in New York City. The winner was none other than Thomas Gonda from Oakland, California.

The winner came out of a grueling four hour event, with Thomas G., taking home the crown after outlasting 23 other competitors. Various members of Nintendo's Treehouse were on hand to offer commentary and support. The results were posted on the official Nintendo YouTube channel, where we saw a number of events taking place across a variety of Nintendo games.

Gamers competed in a series of events, including surfing in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, having to beat up the sandbag in Super Smash Bros., which resulted in some of the most over-the-top performances. One of the 12-year-old kids managed to get over 8,000 in distance in the Super Smash Bros., event, which was pretty crazy. Tubooron was one of the most impressive, showcasing some mad skills throughout Super Smash Bros.

The contestants also had to play a number of games across the 3DS, N64, Switch, and Wii, including Metroid: Samus Returns, where they had to race through the segment while a digger chases Samus. This was easily one of the most challenging segments of the World Championships.

However, things got a little easier when the contestants had to play through Donkey Kong Country Returns, and race through the mines while the track gets blown up and the icicles begin dropping from above.

Thomas G. struggled throughout some of the events, but managed to hang on, and even teamed up with the runner-up for the 2017 Nintendo World Championships and former Nintendo World Champion, John Numbers, as they battled it out together in Splatoon 2.

Thomas G. then had to fend for himself against the other contestants in ARMS, the new IP for the Nintendo Switch. He and John Numbers breezed through the fighting game to secure spots leading toward a showdown in Mario Party.

The semi-final round came down to just three contestants in Super Mario Maker. However, it was a race to defeat a boss in the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey.

The thing is, John Numbers managed to stay at the top of the pack throughout most of the championship games, just until things started wrapping up, as you can see in the video below.

However, during the boss fight against Super Mario Odyssey John Numbers just couldn't quite defeat the boss before Thomas G. could take the finish by capturing one of the enemy's fists and then using it against him to kill the boss and become the 2017 Nintendo World Champion.

Nintendo usually uses the World Championships to introduce a new game or give gamers a look at an upcoming title. Back in 2015 it was used to showcase Super Mario Maker and for 2017 it was used to showcase Super Mario Odyssey. Regardless of what was on display, Thomas G. managed to fight through the challenges and become this year's World Champion.

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