When Batman: The Telltale Series Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Batman The Telltale Series Nintendo Switch
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Telltale Games is prepping to launch Batman: The Telltale Series onto the Nintendo Switch, and gamers who have been craving adventure games on Nintendo's system will be able to jump in on the action later this month just ahead of the big Black Friday sales starting November 14th for $39.99.

Telltale Games announced that the very first season of Batman: The Telltale Series will be available on the Switch later this month. The news is short and sweet and focuses on the fact that the game will be available in North America starting November 14th and will be available November 17th in Europe and Australia.

The press release points to assets indicating that the game will be available both as a digital download and as a physical release. I'm not sure if this will be a physical release for every region, but in North America it will be available on store shelves or via the Nintendo eShop.

One thing is for sure, all five of the first season's episodes will be available for Nintendo Switch owners. The game actually started on a high note with the relationship between Bruce and Harvey consistently devolving over the course of each episode until eventually Harvey turns into Two-Face, one of the super villains in the Batman universe.

Batman: The Telltale Series actually allowed players to choose how Harvey ended up becoming a villain, which was pretty neat. This was happening while other villains like the Penguin and Lady Arkham were also rising to power, creating a dangerous dynamic for the Dark Knight. That's not to mention that the game throws in a few additional sub-plots for Bruce/Batman to deal with, including Selina Kyle running around Gotham as Catwoman.

The game utilizes the standard tried-and-true gameplay systems that Telltale has implemented into its games over the last five years (for better or for worse). One of the unique elements of Batman: The Telltale Series is that the game focuses equal parts on Bruce as it does Batman, so players will have a lot of choices in how the interactions and story unfold based on decisions as both characters.

You can get a short glimpse of what Telltale's title looks like running on the Nintendo Switch with the trailer below, which was uploaded to the Telltale YouTube channel. For the most part the game looks identical on the Switch as it does on the other systems.

Of course, the trailer speaks nothing of the performance when the game is moved from TV mode into portable or tabletop mode.

Some games have had a fairly significant drop in performance when you're attempting to play the game on the go. Most games, however, work well enough so we'll see how well Telltale will adapt Batman: The Telltale Series to the Switch.

If things go over well enough, expect the second season, Batman: The Enemy Within, to make its way to the Switch as well.

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