In The Valley Of Gods Is The next Game From The Developers Of Firewatch

Campo Santo made waves in the gaming industry back in 2016 with the outing of Firewatch. The story-oriented, adventure walking sim was a different take on the genre, infusing a bit of platforming, discovery, and interactivity with a heavy narrative. Well, Campo Santo has revealed In The Valley of Gods, its next title.

During The Game Awards 2017 Campo Santo revealed its latest game, In The Valley of Gods. The trailer is two and a half minutes, starting with a black and white photograph of two young women on camels riding in the desert. Eventually, the screen widens and a full colored video expands to showcase the Egyptian desert ahead.

Obviously, Campo isn't trying to be like Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed: Origins, instead the studio is aiming to make a smaller, more intimate game that's narrative based.

When the two women reach the pyramid, they lower a briefcase and sneak into the pyramid. What's interesting here is that based on the body movements of the one character, it seems as if they aren't supposed to be there. Maybe they were barred from going there? Or perhaps the site was off limits?

After sneaking inside we see some of the thin corridors leading towards the tomb, plenty of hieroglyphics, and some of the treasures left inside the pyramid. Apparently In The Valley of Gods will allow players to seek out some treasures.

The game is played from a first-person perspective, and appears to contain the same kind of gameplay that was present in Firewatch. A lot of it seems to center around exploration, examining the environment and potentially working with the AI to traverse the stages.

While there are two protagonists, it's still a single-player adventure, so expect a lot of NPC-oriented teamwork that was present in games like Uncharted 4, where characters would have to get into position to help them reach new areas or open certain pathways up. We see a couple of times in the trailer where the two characters help lift each other up over obstacles or to reach new areas.

The two characters end up camping out in the pyramid, and then eventually climb up and on top of the structure at the break of dawn.

We then finally get to see what's inside the case, as the duo setup a camera to snap a photograph. The video for In The Valley of the Gods rounds out with the two getting an image of a relic as the sun shines through the remains of ancient pillars.

We learn that the game isn't due out for release until 2019... so it's two years out from being playable on PC, but in the FAQ on the website its mentioned that Campo Santo haven't ruled out releases on the PS4 or Xbox One.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.