Capcom Unveils New Street Fighter 5 Character

Capcom has announced that a new brawler is warming up to enter the Street Fighter V arena, with female ninja Ibuki set to put the hurt on all comers when she arrives in late June.

Earlier today, Capcom dropped a gameplay trailer showing off Ibuki in action. While she’s not new to the series, she is new to this most recent iteration of the fighting franchise. According to Capcom, the original aim was to have Ibuki ready to roll right about now, but it looks like they’ll need a few more weeks to get her prepped for a debut. You can pass at least a little bit of that time by checking out her reveal trailer below.

Smoke bombs with pandas on them? Check. A schoolgirl outfit? Check. Shirikans? Check.

Yep, Ibuki might seem like a collection of tropes, but she actually looks like a pretty interesting fighter in this latest incarnation. She can utilize those shirikans in a number of attacks and even has a cape that lets her fly across the stage like a certain mustachioed plumber from Super Mario World.

Ibuki is fast and has a number of powerful throws to unleash, and she seems to be best suited to fighting right on top of the opponent. She can also disappear and drop an extra smoke bomb to control some extra ground. Ibuki appears to have some pretty great combos in her arsenal, too, with a finisher that has her showing off all of those ninja gang signs you kids are so fond of.

Apparently there was a bit of confusion earlier in the day as it appeared Capcom was getting ready to release Ibuki practically on the spot. That has since been corrected through a series of tweets, however, with the Street Fighter team clarifying that this latest combatant will arrive in late June alongside the game’s promised Story Mode.

It was explained that Ibuki was set to arrive here at the end of May or beginning of June, but some “unforeseen delays” slowed down the expected launch. The SFV team goes on to promise that future updates will be made available in a more timely fashion. Given what happened with No Man’s Sky last week, it seems like it’s getting more and more “dangerous” to delay game content.

It looks like a big ole blog post with additional info on Ibuki and Story Mode are planned for the coming weeks, so expect to hear even more about this newcomer ninja in the future.

As for how Street Fighter V is doing, that’s where we turn to our readers. Let us know in the comments below how the game is treating you these days. Are you looking forward to taking Ibuki for a spin? What about that new Story Mode? Dish the deets.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.