Using Amiibo In Bayonetta 2 Reveals Fun Nintendo Easter Eggs

Nintendo never ceases to add some entertaining Easter Eggs to its games, and that certainly hasn't stopped even with re-released remasters for consoles like the Nintendo Switch. In fact, the company was just in the spotlight recently for some funny Easter Eggs spotted in Bayonetta 2 when you use Amiibo.

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Unseen64's Liam Robertson posted up an image on Twitter from Bayonetta 2 featuring one of the messages that pop up depending on the different Amiibos you use on the game for the Nintendo Switch.

For instance, the image above is from Rodin the store manager, who has a message for the eponymous heroine about her exploits in Super Smash Bros., for the Wii U if you use an Amiibo from that game. He quips about her bringing him along for the next fight so that he can get in some "sparrin' practice".

But it doesn't end there. There are additional Easter Eggs featured in Bayonetta 2 related to other Nintendo properties.

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There was also a couple of posts from another Twitter user going by the handle of RedToad64, who noted that Rodin will make comments about Animal Crossing and other games if you use one of the Amiibos from those titles.

Rodin will make fun of the UFOs, fossils and pitfalls, stating that even in Inferno it makes them think twice about the horrors and nightmares of visiting a place like Animal Crossing.

It doesn't end there, though. There's also comments about Pikmin, as well, where the shopkeeper has a story about Captain Olimar and his big space adventures involving the Pikmin.

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What's really interesting is what Rodin has to say about The Legend of Zelda if you scan in an Amiibo from Nintendo's legendary franchise.

As some of you may know, the company moved massive copies last year when The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, and it also launched for the aging and retired Wii U. Rodin comments about how much respect they have for Hyrule and its history even in the depths of Hell.

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Now that's some crazy respect when even the demons in Hell are willing to give you a nod.

Of course, even while you're making good on various bonus items and unlockables from the Amiibo in Bayonetta 2, it wouldn't be a complete set of Easter Eggs without some sort of comment about Super Mario. Well... Rodin had some comments about Super Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom.

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I can't fault anything that's mentioned in that post. While the Mushroom Kingdom is obviously a dangerous and hazardous place, it's also chock-full of fun activities and plenty of ways to stay fit and in shape.

You can see all these messages for yourself depending on the Amiibo you have in your possession by using them on the Nintendo Switch versions of the re-released Bayonetta games.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.