Soul Calibur 6 Confirms Two More Characters

Soul Calibur VI Ivy

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Bandai Namco have been slowly rolling out new info for Soul Calibur 6, giving gamers a small taste of the characters you can play in the game. Two more characters have been revealed, including a long time fan favorite who has captured the hearts and hands of gamers the world around since debuting many years ago.

Gamespot is reporting that Isabella Valentine and Zasalamel have both been added to the ever-expanding roster of characters for Soul Calibur 6. Ivy returns with her signature spiked whip known as the Ivy Blade, which is actually based on the real life weapon the dragon tail whip, which usually is a traditional whip with a spear-tipped blade at the end of it. In Ivy's case the weapon has a series of bladed edges along the body of the whip, making it very dangerous.

Given that this is a reboot of sorts, the game goes back to Ivy's roots of wanting to destroy the original Soul Edge, since her father was driven mad attempting to get his hands on it and both her parents died over the obsession with the cursed blade. Like many of the participants in the battle, Ivy vows to hunt down and destroy the Soul Edge using her custom-made Ivy Blade.

Her attacks are a mix of classic European sword fighting fused with the traditional Chinese whip attacks, creating a very unique martial arts style that fuses the best of both worlds from the East and the West.

Ivy has been a super popular character since making her debut in the original Soul Calibur long ago way back on the Dreamcast. Over the years she's become a staple member of the cast thanks to having a very unique weapon and a very fluid and smooth fighting style that really resonates with the gaming community.

Ivy's reveal was also accompanied by a second character, Zasalamel. He originally made his debut way back in Soul Calibur 3, which came out for the arcades and PS2. Zasalamel has a mid-ranged scythe as his main weapon and focuses on using a lot of oblong attacks and circular mid-range strikes. Zasalamel isn't as fast as characters like Ivy or Mitsurugi. Instead, he has more methodical strikes themed around the scythe's ability to stop opponents from advancing in on him. He also has the ability to take other fighters out of their element by using the scythe to pull them in close or knock them directly off their feet, which should prove to be useful in forcing opponents to adapt to his unorthodox style of fighting.

Bandai Namco didn't reveal what Zasalamel's story is in this upcoming edition of Soul Calibur 6, but did note that he belongs to the secret Guardians of the Spirit Sword, who are tasked with protecting both the Soul Calibur and the Soul Edge swords. He was apparently outcast and exiled from the clan for breaking their laws but has his own motivations for seeking the cursed weapons in the latest game.

Soul Calibur 6 is due out later this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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