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Xbox E3

Microsoft's E3 plans have been turning in the wheel of development since the start of 2018. However, Microsoft has been keeping those plans close to the chest leading up to the big June event... until now. We now know exactly what the general plans will be for the Xbox press conference this June.

The news was rolled out over on the Major Nelson blog, where the Xbox Wire's editor-in-chief, Will Tuttle, unveiled the plans that Microsoft has for this year's E3, which includes a press conference set to get underway on June 10th at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

The press conference will play host to in-depth looks at some of Microsoft's previously announced titles, as well as trailers for some of the unannounced games that the company has planned to release on the Xbox family of systems throughout 2018, 2019 and possibly beyond.

You'll be able to watch the Xbox press conference through a number of devices, including being able to view the event live through the official Xbox Mixer channel on your Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X. You'll also be able to view the conference through Windows 10, or through the live-streams for E3 via Twitch, or on the live-stream channels on YouTube.

However, Microsoft is sweetening the deal on Mixer with a very specific offering of live-streams enabled with language support for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Surprisingly it will not be available in Mandarin nor Japanese, which I find to be quite odd given how strong gaming is in the Japanese and Chinese markets. Although, to be fair, the Xbox brand has never really been that popular in Japan or China.

One other surprising bit of news about the E3 live-stream is that those of you who plan on visiting the Microsoft Stores on June 10th, the press conference will be streamed on the monitors available at the store.

Throughout the week, from June 10th through June 14th, Microsoft will also be airing live-streams of the show floor and giving away items and goodies, as well as rolling out game demos, hosting interviews, and making additional announcements outside of the Xbox press briefing.

Additionally, if you're in the Los Angeles area during the week of E3, there will be an Xbox FanFest that Microsoft will be holding, where up to 400 fans will be invited to experience the FanFest between June 10th and June 11th, while 1,000 additional Xbox fans will be able to win tickets to the Xbox E3 press briefing.

You can follow the instructions on the blog post for an opportunity to enter into the Xbox E3 fan event for an opportunity to attend the briefing.

As far as games are concerned, we don't know what Microsoft has up its sleeve. A lot of gamers are hoping for more info on Crackdown 3, which has been perpetually delayed for years, while others are hoping for some announcements for new exclusives. It would be a real highlight to see some high-end Xbox One X games that really push the hardware to its limit. I suppose we'll find out exactly what Microsoft has in store when June 10th gets here.