It Turns Out Thanos Is A Bit Too Powerful In Fortnite

Thanos Fortnite

Thanos joined the fray in Fortnite earlier today and already Epic Games has announced a nerf is incoming. It turns out the ultimate villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a little too tough to beat.

It makes sense that a guy who can control all six Infinity Stones would be tough to take down, but it looks like Thanos was deemed a bit too overpowered shortly following the launch of the new Infinity Gauntlet mode in Fortnite. This news comes to us from Polygon, which is reporting that a patch should be expected shortly.

We were pretty shocked over the weekend to learn that a Marvel crossover was going down in Fortnite's popular Battle Royale mode. It turns out the Infinity War directors are big fans of the game and, after contacting Epic, they managed to get Thanos dropped into the 100-player mode as a special event.

To be clear, this is not a simple skin players are trying to take control of. Instead, the mode plays out like a standard version of Battle Royale, only regular players have access to more high-power gear while the player who finds the Infinity Gauntlet becomes Thanos. As The Mad Titan, you've got access to a handful of new abilities. For starters, Thanos' punch attack is super powerful and can pulverize anyone foolish enough to get too close. His ranged attack is a straight beam of energy that can melt a shield in moments. He's also got a mighty leap ability that allows him to get an aerial view of the battlefield. Once he's up in the air, Thanos can either slam back down to the ground and hope to crash into an enemy, or even use his beam attack while hovering.

The fun of playing Thanos is getting to stomp around the map, causing all sorts of problems for other players. As for those other players, well, who wouldn't want to be able to claim they took down Thanos?

The problem, though, is that players quickly learned that the Thanos abilities in Fortnite were a bit too uneven. His shield refills after taking out a player and his total stats are way higher than regular players. As a result, Epic will be lowering his shield and health by 100 points each. Also, his beam attack will be dropping in damage from 15 points to 12. So, not huge changes, but it should make a showdown with the giant raisin a little more reasonable.

That is especially true given another fix Epic has promised in an upcoming patch. Apparently a glitch is causing standard weapons to spawn in the mode even though it's supposed to boast only high-level gear. Once that wrinkle gets worked out, players should have an even better chance at taking down the Infinity War villain.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.