Fortnite Season 4 Teases Adding Superheroes

Epic Games is on a roll with Fortnite. The company has been pumping out new content, updates, weapons, and balance patches since implementing the Battle Royale mode last year. The latest tease is for the fourth season outing, which hints at the addition of super-powered heroes joining the fray.

The tweet went live over on the official Fortnite Twitter account, where there was a simple message that read "Fight with Honor," indicating that Season 4 was on the way. Below the text is an image poster of the next season update, with two comic book style frames basked in a fiery glow with what looks like two super heroes. At the top is someone with long hair, a crest in the middle of their forehead and a mole beneath their left eye. At first glance one might assume it's a character from The Legend of Zelda. However, obviously it's a new character skin for Fortnite.

The second character in the split image is a strong-jawed individual with white glowing eyes. It appears as if they're wearing some sort of face mask that curves around an opening for their nose, mouth and chin. One might quickly assume that it's a reference to Shaquille O'Neal's turn as Steel.

The super hero skins make sense given the popularity of the super hero movie genre right now. With films like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War dominating the media sphere, Epic is not only capitalizing on the popularity of the Battle Royale sub-genre, but it's also dipping into the super hero spectrum as well, which could help increase its growth and demographic reach even more than it already has.

The thread beneath the tweet instantly goes through a wishlist of potential super heroes that could pop into Fortnite, with most people instantly referring to Deadpool and Black Panther. There were also a few suggestions to add the Punisher to the mix, which would make a lot of sense in a game like Fortnite.

Others were interested in different kinds of heroic figures, such as characters like Agent 47 from IO Interactive's Hitman franchise, or James Bond from the 007 series, or Tony Montoya from Scarface. A few more wanted a Wonder Woman skin for the female characters.

Epic has been experimenting with skin selections recently, including adding in a character who mimicked Keanu Reeves' hitman assassin from the John Wick trilogy.

In all likelihood the super hero costumes will be similar to other brand name heroes but nothing that explicitly infringes on DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, or Image comic book characters. However, if the designs are reminiscent enough to popular heroes, expect them to sell like crazy in the cash shop.

Epic's Fortnite is available right now as a free-to-play title on home consoles and PC. You can look for Season 4 to drop soon for the game.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.