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The Call of Duty Black Ops IIII reveal is wrapping up and the news has certainly been interesting. One of the biggest surprises, though, is that this will be the first Call of Duty game to be made available for PC exclusively through

There were oodles of trailers and clips shown during today's Black Ops IIII reveal event, touting everything from the game's multiplayer modes to its multiple zombie chapters. This will actually be the first Call of Duty to launch with three zombies challenges on the disc at launch, which is kind of tempered by the fact that the game will actually forego a traditional single player campaign this time around.

Activision Blizzard has been making a big push on the PC in recent years, making Destiny 2 an exclusive experience for the service on PC. With the latest Black Ops game being an Activision title, we suppose it makes sense that will be the new home for the series.

The team took a bit of time during today's reveal event to discuss the arrival of Black Ops on the service, highlighting the work that is going into making sure the gaming experience is fast, frantic and, most importantly, stable.

During the event, Treyarch's Dan Bunting described Black Ops IIII as a celebration of the game's community, explaining that the team has wanted to focus on the PC as a unique platform for quite some time. The goal? To "give PC gamers what they deserve."

What that translates to is a custom build of Black Ops IIII that has been made with the PC in mind. That's coming courtesy of a partnership with the team at Beenox who, working with Blizzard, have been putting in the hours to bring the Call of Duty experience to in a big way.

The presentation brings up all sorts of interesting tidbits, including the fact that Blizzard actually consulted with Treyarch while developing Overwatch. Say what you will about the various iterations of Call of Duty, the maps and combat are typically top of the line, so it makes sense Blizzard would want to build their own mega-hit shooter with input from one of the kings of the genre.

As for functionality, it was announced all social features on will be integrated into the game, including friends, chat, squading up and the like. Similarly, all of the customization features expected out of a big FPS on PC will be made available, alongside dedicated servers. As an added note, the team is testing the game "on the widest assortment of hardware possible" in order to make sure the game runs well on modern rigs of all types. All of that coupled with a redesign of the UI and other tweaks to make BOIIII more PC friendly makes it sound like the team is taking the project very seriously.

So what do you think, PC fans? Are you excited for the move to

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