How To Get A Shiny Legendary Pokemon In Sun And Moon For Free

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

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If you thought that Nintendo's free Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were over with now that Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go has become big, think again. Nintendo is still rolling out free Legendary Pokemon for those of you who have the Nintendo 3DS title in your possession.

According to Gamespot, if you have Pokemon Ultra Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon, you can acquire a free Legendary Pokemon as part of the monthly giveaway taking place all year long.

You can get your hands on the Pokemon by visiting a GameStop retailer in the continental U.S. You'll receive a special code that can be retrieved in-game between June 1st and June 24th, so there is a clock on this particular prize.

If you live in Australia or Europe, you can also take part in the special giveaway by acquiring the code from the Nintendo Network. You can acquire the Mystery Gift and then from the main menu choose to receive your mystery gift via code or password. Put in the code that you were given and it will then send your gift to the delivery person in the actual game. Head in-game and talk to the delivery person at a Pokemon Center to retrieve the gift. Make sure that you have a slot free in your inventory in order to receive the free Pokemon.

The free Legendary being giveaway this time around for a limited time is the seventh gen Zygarde. Unlike other free Legendaries that were dependent on the version of the game that you had or applied to certain Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon exclusive Pokemon, the Zygarde will be available for both versions of the game on the Nintendo 3DS, and what's more is that it's the Shiny version of the Zygarde.

What this means is that it's an ultra-rare Pokemon that's exceptionally difficult to acquire just by playing the game normally, and so getting your hands on a Zygarde through the special promotion will help make the process so much easier for those of you who want to add the ultra-rare Legendary to your ever-growing stable of Pokemon.

Now the level of the Zygarde will depend on which version of the game you have. If you have the vanilla Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon then you'll receive a level 60 Zygarde with the Land's Wrath, Glare, Safeguard, and Dragon Breath abilities.

If, however, you have Pokemon Ultra Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon, you'll be able to retrieve a level 100 Zygarde, who comes with the special abilities Thousand Arrows, Outrage, Extreme Speed, and Dragon Dance. Obviously, if you have the latest version of the game you'll likely want to retrieve Zygarde for that version since he'll be far more powerful and at a much higher level.

The original Pokemon Sun and Moon came out way back in 2016. A year later The Pokemon Company and Nintendo re-released the games with more content under the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon label. Over the course of the year, the studios are handing out free Legendary Pokemon for owners of both versions of the game on the Nintendo 3DS.

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