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Various Fortnite characters.

If you're having trouble getting good in Fortnite, some enterprising individuals have decided to cash in on their expertise in the game, offering their services as professional tutors. And apparently, not everybody thinks Fornite is such a dangerous obsession for today's youth, as quite a few parents are reportedly taking advantage of these new services for their kids.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Fortnite tutoring has become all the rage. Folks can hop onto sites like Gamer Sensei or Bidvine, or just put out some feelers on social media, and find a tutor willing to teach their children how to get better at the game. The report states that tutors are working at rates between $7.50 and $50 an hour, so it sounds like there's some decent money to be made if you're skilled enough in the game to pass on your knowledge to others and get some legitimate results. So don't be surprised if you're playing a round tonight and ask a teammate how to do something only to receive an answer, promptly followed by an invoice for their services.

In all seriousness, though, this probably shouldn't come as too big of a surprise. You can get a tutor for just about anything these days, whether you/your kid needs help in math or on the baseball field. Parents want to help their kids become "the best," and sometimes private lessons are the way to go.

If nothing else, this should be considered a huge compliment for Epic and Fortnite, as it says quite a few positive things about the game. For starters, it shows just how big Fortnite has become. Secondly, it shows that people believe there's a future for the game, or why else would they be investing in it like this right now? Finally, it shows that some parents are finally willing to accept the fact that times are changing and video games are just a part of normal, everyday life. If you want little Billy's Fortnite streaming career to gain momentum, then Billy should probably get really good at the game first, right? And to do that, maybe it's time he gets a tutor.

Now that we know Fortnite tutors exist, we're interested in learning how their sessions go. Do these folks come up with drills and homework plans or do they settle to just play with a kid and pass on their tips as situations arise? Do they hop into standard matches and aim for low-traffic areas to hold "lessons" while the match rages on elsewhere on the map, or do they just jump into the thick of battle and forge their young warriors in the fires of combat? We figure, if nothing else, the Playground mode was a godsend for this particular industry.

This also makes us curious about how the streaming landscape might change. A lot of streamers tend to share their tips and tricks while broadcasting to the world, but that might not be so common now that folks can make money off of those lessons.

Be sure to drop your thoughts on all of this Fortnite tutor business in the comments below.

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