Red Dead Redemption 2

For many games coming out in this day and age, there are usually pre-order bonuses, or deluxe edition exclusives, or console or retailer specific items designed to give gamers something extra for spending a little extra on the game, or for buying a particular version of the game. In this case, Rockstar Games and Sony have teamed up for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 to offer gamers something special and unique for their adventures in the Wild West crime-drama, due out later this month. The PlayStation 4 exclusives were finally revealed for the game, and it includes four particular items that might help change the complexion of your success when engaged in gunfights, attempting to score a hot date, or trying to outrun or catch a stage coach. The revelation of the four items was well-received by the community and you can finally check out what they are right now.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, the social media director for SIE outlined that there are four specific early access PS4 exclusives that gamers will be able to benefit from utilizing in Red Dead Redemption 2. The content will be available as timed exclusives for PS4 owners for up to 30 days before Xbox One owners will be able to access the content.

The first item is the Grizzlies Outlaw outfit, which sees Arthur Morgan wearing a wool-lined gray coat and a maroon leather vest with a black neckerchief, and a custom buckle with specially made boots. It's a nice little look for gamers who want to ride around in the West looking like a pure boss.

The outfit also comes with the high roller double-action revolver, which is a uniquely engraved revolver with an ivory handle featuring a white spade with card designs on the grip handle. This leads up toward a second set of engravings on the frame just below the hammer that features specially designed skulls that reach from the grip down toward the handle and then circle back up behind the base of the cylinder drum. Down the line of the barrel toward the ejector housing and across the front sight, there are several more engravings that wrap around the barrel's shroud, giving you a very distinctive look for a weapon when it's time to head into battle whether it be in single-player or the online multiplayer mode featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The next item is the Red Chestnut Arabian Horse, which is a high-class horse above the standard of the average horse and features higher level performance than the horses included in the base game. In some ways I don't know how well this is going to go down with some players, because technically if you're paying for this horse then it would be like paying to win given that a high-performance horse that you access for real cash that will outrun and outlast the other standard tier horses means that anyone who has their hands on the Red Chestnut Arabian Horse will have a clear advantage on the competition.

Pay-to-win concerns aside, the horse will also come with the fourth and last item on the list, which is the Alligator Skin Ranch Cutter Saddle. The saddle isn't just there for cosmetic looks; it gives you health bonuses and stamina boosts, which in turn can help with your horse's top speed and acceleration. Again, some gamers might see this as similar bonuses that were featured in games like Radical Heights, where gamers complained about the pay-to-win elements.

Nevertheless, PS4 owners can look forward to the four items to be made available in Red Dead Redemption 2 for 30 days exclusively before they become available on the Xbox One.

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