Mark Hamill And Gary Oldman Look Amazing In New Squadron 42 Trailer

Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries originally captured the performances of some of Hollywood's top talent back in 2015 for the single-player portion of Star Citizen known as Squadron 42. After three years of hard work and a lot of developmental work, RSI finally showcased the fruits of its labor at this year's CitizenCon, and you can see how amazing actors like Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman look in the new Squadron 42 trailer.

The trailer rounded out the CitizenCon keynote speech, featuring snippets of cinematics and some in-game play for the upcoming Squadron 42 release.

The story is still kept well under wraps, and a lot of the footage is from the hour long demo that RSI released back in December of 2017 last year, which actually gave us our first look at how the campaign gameplay would be handled. We also saw Mark Hamill's character in action for the first time as well.

However, this is the first time we're seeing some of the other top talent on display apart from the behind-the-scenes footage and test cinematics that were released years ago. For instance, we see that Man of Steel's Henry Cavill is an ace space pilot leading a squadron that the player-character will join, and we also get to see that Mark Strong plays a significant part in the story, with his ship coming under fire from the hostile alien race known as the Vanduul.

And finally, we get to see Gillian Anderson and John Rhys-Davies. If you're a fan of the X-Files then you're probably quick to note that Anderson in particular looks amazing in the game, and they captured her likeness pretty much 1:1.

Some gamers might be wondering why exactly it took so long for the footage to appear of the finished rendered forms of the characters and cinematics even though it was all captured years ago? Well, that's because the teams have been building out the rest of Star Citizen and the ships, the weapons, the aliens (the Vanduul), the physics, and the interactive functionality for both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It's a painstaking task and it's one of the biggest video game projects ever created (and quite expensive, too).

You can actually follow along with the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 by visiting the RSI developmental roadmap. It outlines what parts of the game the team are working on, what's being updated, what's being upgraded, and what's coming down the pipeline in the coming months.

During CitizenCon RSI released alpha 3.3 of Star Citizen for backers, featuring advanced ground-based AI combat mechanics, the all new FaceWare API that allows for FOIP interactions between players within the persistent universe, and all new ships and weapons.

As Star Citizen moves forward in development and more of the core components are completed, it makes it easier for the team working on Squadron 42 to finalize the game and implement the features leading up toward release. No release date has been rolled out for Squadron 42 but the first episode will be released first followed by the sequent episodes.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.