Marvel's Spider-Man Has A Hilariously Creepy Miles Morales Glitch Now

Insomniac Games released the most recent patch for Marvel's Spider-Man, adding the much-requested and very exciting New Game Plus for the open-world super hero game. However, the new patch didn't arrive all on its own -- it also came with some rather hilarious and creepy new Miles Morales glitches.

A post over on the sub-reddit for the PS4 exclusive, made by Redditor qwertyisfake, showcased a few seconds of footage focusing on this new glitch that has popped up following the latest update. The glitch, as you can see in the video above, occurs during one Miles Morales segment where he has to stealthily sneak through a section of the map without being spotted.

For no clear reason, the glitch replaces Miles with Spider-Man, already making him overwhelmingly less inconspicuous. Things get weirder as the Spidey suit ends up stretching and morphing in a hilariously creepy way. It obviously causes him to forfeit any and all stealth abilities, with his stretchy, elongated body out in the open for the criminals to see. The video ends with Miles being spotted after he stretches too far over the dilapidated car he's hiding behind.

The comment section is quite comical regarding the glitch, poking fun at Morales' ability to stretch over and beyond the call of duty. Someone quipped "whoa a Reed Richard cameo," inferring that Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four franchise decided to slap on the red and blue spandex suit to give it a whirl as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

This wasn't an isolated case, either. The new update saw several commenters stating that they, too, have also run into an issue with Miles going all Slender Man during the stealth segment. There's an easy fix for it, though, and it involves either getting to the next checkpoint or abandoning the mission and restarting it. While not optimal, either solution appears to have worked for most players.

The Miles Morales glitch definitely isn't the only new one plaguing Marvel's Spider-Man players. There's also a few other glitches as well, one of which includes Mary-Jane Watson offering up her own best Spider-Man impression during the cutscenes. Twitter user Bob the Builder captured a quick sequence where Spider-Man comes face-to-face with his romantic interest...also Spider-Man?

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The glitch popped up during one of the cutscenes where Spider-Man was supposed to be hanging upside down talking to Mary Jane, calling back to the iconic moment in Sam Raimi's first film. Instead, Peter found himself staring face-to-face with his doppelgänger who then proceeds to mock him with what looks like some jive dancing moves.

Don't expect the glitches to stick around for too long. Insomniac Games will either hotfix it out, or the company will wait until the next major title update to squash all the major bugs and glitches that popped up with update 1.08.

But don't let these few instances of bugs crawling around the code get you down. Critics and gamers alike are thoroughly entranced with the open-world action title, and most players seem to find some comic relief in the few glitches that have popped up in Marvel's Spider-Man. So long as these hiccups don't interrupt the story-oriented gameplay in the new DLC, I think most people will be able to bemusedly tolerate them until they're patched out.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.