Spider-Man Gamers Are Unlocking Platinum Trophies At A Surprising Rate

Marvel's Spider-Man
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Apparently, for the owners of Insomniac Games'Marvel's Spider-Man, achieving platinum status for unlocking the trophies isn't quite as hard as you may have thought, because gamers are unlocking the platinum trophy at a surprising, 10% completion rate.

We all know how hard it is to beat a game on the highest difficulty setting, just the same as we know how hard it is to unlock all the achievements or acquire all the trophies. For some gamers it becomes a hunt; a sort of badge of honor to trudge through the thicket of difficulty and come out the other end filled with pride for having stuck to their guns and accomplished the seemingly impossible. But, ResetEra has a thread showing that shortly after Marvel's Spider-Man released, there is already a 10% completion rate for hitting the platinum status in the game. The platinum trophy is labeled as "very rare" but that completion rate is followed by the gold trophies at 15.2%, and the silver trophies at 15.3%. So there's only a 5.3% difference between the people who achieved the silver trophy and the platinum trophy.

What's more is that 10% of everyone who logged in to play the game has already achieved the highest trophy available for the title, which his kind of insane when you think about it, given that Marvel's Spider-Man only came out last month, on September 7th. So, within the span of a month not only did it move more than 3.3 million copies, but more than 10% of those people have already platinumed the game, according to the PlayStation Network global stats.

In more niche circles the numbers go up even further, with PSN Profiles reporting that as of October 7th, more than 46.69% of registered users have managed to achieve the platinum trophy and completed the game via 100%. For a little bit of context, Horizon: Zero Dawn on PSN Profiles only has a 33.73% platinum completion rate, so Marvel's Spider-Man has already surpassed Guerrilla Games' year-old title in terms of completion rates by a whole 12.96% within its first month.

As noted in the ResetEra thread, in order to achieve that 100%, it means that gamers had to complete more than 145 random crimes from around the Manhattan district. That's a whole lot of crime-fighting going on by the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

This is also a testament to just how much people love this game; they're willing to play through all of the side-missions and all of the content from top to bottom. This is especially interesting given that open-world games usually give gamers a lot of fatigue after 10 through 15 hours of play, but the opposite appears to be true for Marvel's Spider-Man, with gamers still absolutely enthused and enthralled to complete even the most minuscule of missions.

I wonder if we'll see even higher completion rates after the first piece of DLC drops this month? A lot of gamers are curious how the Black Cat storyline will play out, which could bring in even more players and might possibly result in even more platinums being achieved. We'll have to wait and see.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.