Fortnite's Halloween Event Starts Tomorrow

Epic Games is taking the opportunity throughout the month of October to slide right into the spirit of spookiness by opening up a Halloween event within the ever-expanding community of Fortnite. The Halloween festivities will get underway starting tomorrow.

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The news about the event comes directly from the official Fortnite Twitter account, where it was announced that, starting October 24th, there will be a Halloween event that invades the Battle Royale third-person multiplayer shooter.

The Twitter account gives a few hints at what gamers can expect from the Fortnitemares event, which will feature lightning prominently throughout the map. Yes, every time you get a "win" (which I assume will be when you kill another player) there will be lightning to highlight the victory. I imagine this means that the map will be kept at night during the event so that the whole lightning shtick will get to stand out and illuminate the map.

There aren't any other details about the event, but gamers are already getting into the mood by bringing out the Skull Trooper, which recently made its debut in Fortnite, as well as the ghoulish trooper skins that Epic Games added to the third-person shooter some time ago.

According to Gamespot, the Fortnitemares event will allow gamers to earn special rewards. These rewards will, presumably, be usable both in the Battle Royale mode and in the PvE Save The World mode. And, speaking of the Save The World mode... just by logging into the game you'll earn special skins that you can use for the characters. You don't even have to fight anything, kill anything, or build anything... just log into the game and you'll get the freebies.

Additional teases hint at even more costumes that gamers will be able to acquire throughout the event, which will last from October 24th all the way through Monday, November 26th. That's a pretty long time for a Halloween event, eh? Usually most companies launch the events at the start of October and they last up until the beginning of November, but I guess Epic decided to do things a little differently.

The Fortnitemares update will also arrive with a little bit of downtime and maintenance in preparation for the rollout of version 6.20.

Version 6.20 will also feature more spooky skins themed around Halloween, some of which are rather jovial while others are a bit more serious. Epic seems to be looking to provide gamers with enough variety to keep all sorts of Fortnite players entertained.

And, despite the fact that Season 6 just got underway, some gamers are already looking forward to what will arrive in Season 7. The Fortnitemare event is expected to help give gamers and the rest of the community an idea as to what to expect from said update.

The Battle Royale mode for Fortnite is free-to-play, so if you wanted to check out the new skins you can do so by grabbing the client and waiting for the event to start up on October 24th.

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