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Katy Perry's next banger is heading straight to your mobile phone, but only if you're playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Final Fantasy has become such a wild series that news like this doesn't even phase us at this point.

Square Enix launched a fresh trailer for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius today and, shocker, it's a bit bizarre. We see a bunch of text messages between Katy Perry and her friends about an upcoming show, and then Katy tries to shoot some cute photos with her dog before said critter starts to look like an 8-bit video game character. Then Perry starts playing Brave Exvius, performs on stage and, at some point, merges with the video game world.

While all of that is admittedly a bit bizarre, we are at least able to pull some useful information from the trailer. For starters, Perry's new song, "Immortal Flame," has been written for the game. Also, starting Dec. 12, Perry is going to be part of the game as "multiple playable characters." This will be a limited time promotion, though, so presumably she's only going to be available on your playable roster for a short time.

Something similar happened back in 2017 when Brave Exvius introduced Ariana Grande to the game as "Dangerous Ariana," also accompanying a new song. Later on, she came back as "Chic Ariana," "Sportive Ariana" and "Charming Kitty Ariana." Only time will tell if Katy Perry will become a similar staple within the game world, but since this is being called "Part I" and the trailer ends with a promise of "more to come," I wouldn't be surprised if Perry pops back in from time to time taking some new forms as well.

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As for Brave Exvius itself, it's a super popular mobile game (35 million downloads) set within the Final Fantasy universe. The big draw here is that it tells a unique story with brand new characters, and the action RPG combat can be executed with the tap or flick of the screen. In other words, rather than just being anall-star cast of characters from previous Final Fantasy games, Brave Exvius is something that can only be experienced on mobile devices.

Given how street-rat crazy Final Fantasy and promotions for the series have become over the years, it's shocking how un-shocking this news actually is. Katy Perry popping up in a video game should have us scratching our heads but, then again, the game is called "Brave Exvius." I mean, there's a collection of Final Fantasy games Square Enix considers to be under an umbrella known as "Fabula Nova Srystallis" for crying out loud, and this is from the same developer that titled a Kingdom Hearts game 358/2 Days. In other words, having one of the biggest pop stars in the world appear in a Final Fantasy game seems like par for the course.