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How Fortnite Is Changing The Infinity Blade

(Image credit: Epic Games)

It hasn't even been a full proper week yet and the Infinity Blade from the eponymous series is already causing some strife within the colorful world of Fortnite. Shortly after the update went live for the powerful weapon within Epic's Battle Royale title, the team had to go back and make some changes to it.

Over on the Fortnite sub-reddit there's a post from the community manager about the changes being made to the fancy looking melee weapon in the game. The item is classified as a "Mythic" weapon, which is a step above the Legendary item classification. This is Epic's way of introducing the new weapon tier for gamers looking to get their hands on an even more powerful cache of battle gear. As if Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet wasn't powerful enough?

Anyway, due to the new item tier being added to the game, it meant that Epic Games had to completely reorient the way weapon balance was handled. So for the Infinity Blade, the one thing that the developers found was that it was too useful. Yes, the weapon was too useful, too overpowered, and apparently disrupted the most recent eSports tournament.

How was it too useful? Well, not only does it dish out massive damage, but it can also be used to harvest and tear down walls. So, Epic decided to take away the ability for the Infinity Blade to harvest/build. This means you can literally only use it to melee other players in Fortnite's PvP, instead of using it for the meta of building or harvesting resources.

Epic plans to monitor the feedback and player metrics following the change, and will make adjustments and modifications based on how the community responds to these changes.

The community actually didn't like the change, but not for the reasons you think.

Overall, the community downvoted the post because they don't want the Infinity Blade in the normal Battle Royale mode. The reasoning behind this is that they feel Mythic weapons shouldn't be in the standard modes, but instead Epic should move Mythic weapons to the Limited Time Modes and have different Mythic weapons scattered around the maps in LTM.

I can't say I disagree with the community's assessment of how Mythic weapons in Fortnite should be implemented. It seems like a win-win situation for everybody. People who want to play with the Infinity Blade will get to do so, but people who aren't interested in dealing with the drastic change in the PvP meta-game will be able to stick with the normal game modes. It seems to make sense and be a reasonable solution for everyone.

The community strangely has a unified response to the Infinity Blade, with people liking the weapon from the game, but disliking the way it was implemented into Fortnite. They're now asking for it to either end up in the Vault along with a few other weapons, or to make it where the Infinity Blade joins the Limited Time Mode so as to bypass all the heartache and frustrations the weapon has created for the normal game modes.

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