Sometimes there are some really great games with really terrible ports. PC games are usually on the receiving end of these terrible ports. A shame really because it tarnishes what would otherwise be an awesome gaming experience across every platform.

Over the years there have been certain ports on PC that were released in absolutely dire states of brokenness. Some games have been repaired thanks to patches from the developers or publishers, where-as other games have required hands-on mods from the community to get them working right on PC. Hence, we decided to take a look at 7 great games with truly horrible PC versions.

When Rockstar dumped GTA IV on PC months after it released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, gamers were already peeved they had to wait a fairly long time before getting their hands on it, but when they found out that the game was a broken mess on PC, they almost had a digital riot. The problem wasn't just that the game was late, but it was one of the most unoptimized games ever ported to PC in the history of gaming. I only wish this was hyperbole. PC gamers had to wait years before the game was patched and modded to finally work properly with decent frame-rates.

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