Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD Hits iPhone, iPad

Everyone's favorite legal simulation/puzzle/adventure series Ace Attorney has arrived on iOS after multiple delays. The Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD offers iPhone and iPad versions of the first three games in the series.

Ace Attorney stars young lawyer Phoenix Wright. Wright will do his damnedest to prove his clients' innocence in 14 cases. He'll examine crime scenes, interview witnesses and find evidence. At the trial, he'll pick apart the prosecution's witnesses and present evidence that can exonerate his clients.

Capcom plans to release Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies this fall on the 3DS. Dual Destinies will be the first game starring Phoenix since the original trilogy. These three games should help bring you up to speed on the story to date, then.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations have been revamped with Retina-quality visuals and a touch-friendly UI. You can play the game horizontally or vertically. The vertical orientation breaks the game into two screens, allowing you to feel like you're playing it on the DS.

The entire trilogy costs $16.99 to download from the App Store (opens in new tab). You can also purchase Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations individually for $6.99 apiece, or Ace Attorney for $5.99. The first two trials in Ace Attorney are free to download and should give you a good sense of the series' unusual formula.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.