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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Sequel Set In China?

Fractional Games, developer of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is teasing a sequel to the 2011 horror game. They've released a new teaser site with a few hints to the game's content.

The site, simply called, has a big Amnesia logo on top of a blurred out image. "Something is emerging..." reads the text below the image.

Clicking on the image brings you to a Google Maps view of China. Presumably this country will be the setting of the next Amnesia. Or maybe they meant "China, Maine" but forgot the write in the state.

RPS also spotted some details in the site's code. Here are the meta keywords for the page: "3D game, frictional games, advanced physics, survivial [sic] horror, action adventure, first person, horror, scary, HPL, work in progress, upcoming game, next frictional game, game development."

The meta description notes that they haven't decided on a final name for this new game. We'll call it Amnesia 2: 2 Dark 2 Descenty for the time being.

In Dark Descent, the player wakes up in a Prussian castle with no memory. He soon discovers he's being hunted by a dark presence that has taken over the castle. The castle is crawling with monsters and the player, armed with no weapons, must flee and hide from them. Looking at monsters or other disturbing things and venturing into dark places will lower the player's sanity level, causing their character to hallucinate or become less stealthy. Yep, it's pretty brutal.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.