Oh no! Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS looks more addicting than ever. The Big N showed off their latest life sim during the Nintendo Direct presentation this morning, introducing the games new features in a lovely little trailer.

Back in college, my roommates and I had ourselves an Animal Crossing problem. We all lived in the same town, so we’d all try to get up extra early (even on the weekends) to get the best loot from Nook’s store. Once we discovered the wonders of in-game time travel, however, that’s when things really got hectic. Thank goodness I don’t own a 3DS, because New Leaf looks like it packs all of the things that originally got me hooked on the series and a whole slew of brand new addictions.

Along with the announcement that the game would be called Animal Crossing: New Leaf here in the States, Nintendo also revealed this latest trailer for next year’s 3DS title. Spoiler alert: You get to be the mayor!

As mayor, you also get to buy new features for your New Leaf town, such as bridges, benches, fountains, etc. Your home decoration options are also beefed up, as well as the ability to visit your own tropical island when city life is getting you down.

When you aren’t being all mayoral, you’ll have plenty of the series’ staple activities available to keep you busy, like catching bugs, fishing, digging up fossils and growing your own plants. I’m going to guess that your neighbors are as lazy as ever, too, meaning you will likely be running plenty of errands.

Look for Animal Crossing: New Leaf to hit the 3DS next year.

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