Whether you’re looking to play to dive into countless hours of realistic military combat or perhaps plow headlong into the zombie apocalypse, Bohemia Interactive is offering a single package that should make all of your dreams come true. Introducing the Arma 2: Complete Collection, featuring all things Arma 2 and everything you need to dive into the game’s infamous DayZ mod.

Billed as the “perfect choice for all new DayZ devotees,” the Arma 2: Complete Collection also happens to be a pretty wicked offering for people who just like to shoot stuff on their PC. It features the core Arma 2 game, as well as all DLC packages at a single price of $39.99. The file size is a massive 25 gigabytes, however, so you might want to set this bad boy to downloading right before you head to bed.

In order to play the DayZ mod, you’ll need the original Arma 2, the Operation Arrowhead DLC to run, and the Private Military Company DLC to display everything at its highest quality. Every bit of that is included in this collection, along with the British Armed Forces pack and the Army of the Czech Republic pack.

“The collection thrusts gamers into the heart of the most realistic military combat simulation ever developed, featuring cutting edge technology and vast, detailed environments and authentically modeled units, weapons and vehicles,” reads a statement from Bohemia Interactive.

Arma 2 and its DLCs offer six campaigns and “countless” single and multiplayer scenarios spread across hundreds of square kilometers of Chernarus and Takistan. The DayZ mod drops players into an open world stuffed with zombies and sparsely populated with much-needed supplies. Other players might help you along, or they might shoot you in the back just to take your belongings. Fun!

You can now get the whole shebang for 40 bucks at the Bohemia Interactive official website.

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