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Awesome Arma 2 Gameplay Clip Rains Down Fire

Cool clips from cool games seem like they arrive a dime a dozen, but that isn't always the case. Oftentimes it takes a lot of time and effort to find awesome gameplay clips from recognized titles and franchises; sometimes there's a lot of time wasted sifting through Youtube poop and digital garbage in the form of 10 hour long parodies. Even more than that, it sometimes takes even more time to setup the context of some videos so people have an idea of what it is they're looking at (i.e., EVE Online anyone?) – unless of course, the video sets up the scenario and does a perfectly fine job of doing all the heavy-duty lifting, which is sort of the case with this latest clip from Arma II, Bohemia Interactive's very realistic military combat simulator.

Over on a Reddit thread they managed to pinpoint an area of gameplay from a mission that spans more than an hour, from YouTube user Dslyecxi, where he pilots a mean bird in the sky over enemy territory in the co-op clip you see above.

Of course, if the brief snippet of gameplay got you all hot and bothered in all the right areas, you'll probably want to see the full mission play out like a full-course meal at a five star restaurant; no more appetizers. I guess it's a good thing we're not embed-deficient, because you can check out the full mission below (if you have the time, of course), which is entitled “Fire From The Sky”.

It's amazing how well Arma II still holds up after all these years. Of course, it's only possible with the power of a PC. If this were running on the Xbox One it would probably be a paltry 792p at some sub-30 frames per second.

Anyway, the video itself rocks out hard due to the fact that what you're looking at starts off as a routine co-op mission, but then things get ugly and Dslyecxi takes a dive straight down into hostile territory... right in front of a tank, too.

It doesn't take long for his teammates to circle back around and bring down a raining storm of fire like a thunderous hammer from the heavens. It's a beautiful sight to behold, and only available in Arma.

I think the tactical and moderate pace of the gameplay is what really helps set it apart from the typical Battlefield style encounters, where every moment is expected to be some super-epic-frantic,YouTube-worthy moment. In this case, it takes skill, timing and a bit of luck to see it all come together into something cinematic and memorable... unless, of course, you're playing DayZ.

Anyway, Dslyecxi has some other mods you can check out for the game if the videos above got you all pumped up for some open-world, battlefield action that isn't from Battlefield the game.

You can check out his mod page for both Arma II and Arma III right here or learn more about Arma and DayZ by paying a visit to the official Bohemia Interactive website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.