The very first footage of the multiplayer mode for the upcoming mobile title Badland is very unique, to say the least. The game takes a different approach to the way competitive multiplayer is handled and I can't say I'm disappointed. More than anything, this looks like it could make for a fun party time with friends or family.

So first up, Badland is a side-scrolling, fantasy adventure game that sees players trying to survive through a hostile and dark world filled with traps, magic, twists and turns. The design looks extremely similar to Limbo but there are a lot more color grades on display and a bit more of a whimsy approach to the adventuring as opposed to what was on display in Limbo. You can check out the new video for Badland below.

At first I thought the multiplayer was stupid. I was thinking to myself “All four of these people crowded around this tablet simply tapping the button repeatedly? That's stupid”. But then things started to happen...things started to change...there was a shift in the way the race-for-survival started unfolding and it became this kind of funny experiment to see who would last and how.

The multiplicity, growth and shrinking aspects of the player-characters really brings a nice touch of unpredictability to the whole thing and by the time the whole thing ended I could honestly say I was impressed. Would it be nice if there was a bit more control over the characters during the multiplayer race? Yes. But, as mentioned at the top of the article, this could be one of those fun family games you could pick up and play with ease without worrying about learning curves or twitch skills working as the deciding factor for fun.

You can learn more about Badland by paying a kind visit to the Official Website. The game is set for release on mobile devices this upcoming March.

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