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One of the most anticipated games for 2013 and the game that steamrolled through its Kickstarter with indomitable force and absolute resolve, now has a free miniature version available on Steam right now called Banner Saga: Factions. It's a multiplayer piece of the pie from the not-yet-released, turn-based RPG, The Banner Saga.

By all accounts this game was easily one of the few games announced in 2012 that absolutely floored me. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, a game that fulfills the creative void that has been missing in the turn-based genre for so long.

You can check out a brief trailer for the Banner Saga: Factions below, which gives you a nice idea of what to expect from the free-to-play multiplayer title.

Let's not overlook the obvious purpose of this release, though. Stoic Studios isn't just throwing out a free multiplayer just for giggles and wet-willies.

The team has released Factions as a testing ground to further and better refine the turn-based combat in the final version of The Banner Saga, the sprawling epic that sees players taking their low-fantasy Scandinavians across the land to settle amongst hostile enemies and unforeseen dangers.

The roto-scopping animation system, smooth turn-based combat and striking visual and audio aesthetic had me sold way back when the game was first announced, and now gamers will finally get a small taste of the title with the free multiplayer game. You can find it on Steam's store, for free, right now.

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